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I just watched the season finale of “Parenthood” so if you haven’t watched yet or you’re behind on the show, please don’t read this post and then get all mad at me.

Okay, thank god Haddie is actually alive. The girl has not been mentioned or shown up in so long, I just assumed that she had been kidnapped and was being forced to work as a zamboni driver for the Disney on Ice world tour.

But turns out, she was just at college becoming a lesbian! And she looks really great as a blonde.

Meanwhile, Joel (who left Julia but I never completely understood why) held her hand warmly as they comforted their daughter. Now this guy freaked out at some kiss that wasn’t really a kiss between his wife and a burly guy named Ed. I wonder what he’s going to think when he finds out she slept with one of the stars of the former show “Happy Endings.” I can’t wait for Victor to write an essay about the whole sordid mess.

But it does look like Julia and Joel might be reunited again and we can all go back to calling them J squared. Well, we can start doing that anyway.

Now Amber might be pregnant? It seemed like she had sex with Army boy Ryan in the hospital and then immediately ran to CVS to buy the pregnancy test? Huh.

And it appears that Lorelai Gilmore and Ray Romano  are getting back together. I’m kind of bummed. I like Hank’s cranky character but I really always thought Sarah and that young English teacher Mark had special chemistry.  I think she should go bust up Mark’s engagement. Sarah and Mark forever!!

This is really one of my favorite shows on television and I really hope it gets renewed. I want to see what happens with J squared, Amber’s future potential offspring and just how many times they can make me cry in a 6th season. Fingers crossed.

11 Responses to parenthood: the season finale

  • karen bland says:

    Now I know why we are “sisters” as I feel the same way about Parenthood. I do not let my kids or husband even think of talking to me from 9pm – 10pm on Thursday nights. I can’t deal with my own 4 kids when I need to watch Zeek deal with his 4. I guess Amber must have taken the “morning after” test as she was in that “personal products” aisle within 15 minutes of the hospital visit!

  • Jennifer says:

    I couldn’t figure out the pregnancy timing, either. Is it possible that it happened before Ryan left?

    And I don’t know about you, but I was just relieved that Haddie’s big announcement wasn’t that she was going to cut her bangs short again.

  • Charlie Marcotty says:

    Oh, I am so happy to find other like-minded folk. My sister and I talk about the Bravermans as if they are our family. Whenever we have a problem that takes some discussion, we mutter under our breath “What would Adam say?” It’s kind of pathetic actually.

  • Becky says:

    There has never been a show to make me cry more. The season finale almost did me in.
    The moral to Haddie’s story is: don’t go to college or you’ll disappear and become a lesbian. It’s a very right wing approach. Sneaky huh?

  • Lisa says:

    I have been a fan since day 1 of Parenthood but somehow got out of the routine this year, must find the reruns and kick back for a marathon. I knew I liked you for a reason!

  • ErinB says:

    This show never fails. I keep waiting for it to start sucking (a la Gossip Girl) but so far so good. Applauding all the storylines right now except I seriously can not stand the Ray Romano character. Ick. So unlikable and annoying. Another season watching him? The preggers test was a bit weird too. Nice they brought Hattie back (um, does she know her mom had cancer and lost the election?) YAY Team Joel and Julia- love them! Sigh….only 5 more months to wonder what happens next.

  • Angela says:

    Delurking to comment! My husband and I both love Parenthood. The writing and acting on the show is superb. We also cheered when Haddie resurfaced, good storyline and believable. I was also very upset when Sarah and Mark broke up, he is such an amazing guy, so sweet and sensitive. But, as Mark is now engaged I am very happy that Sarah and Hank are getting together. Absolutely love Hank(I loved him in Everybody Loves Raymond) and think the writing and acting is incredibly amazing regarding the Aspergers storyline for Hank and Max. Thought the separation storyline was really weak and stupid, it was one kiss=separation…wtf?!!, think the writers just wanted some angst and drama and made up a really bad plotline., but now they’re hopefully back on track! I usually have to keep the Kleenex handy while watching, was surprised I was dry eyed for the season finale, but I almost cried when Victor read his story. The scene with Crosby and Adam sliding down the stairs was hilarious, and all the episodes showing brotherly love, teasing and friendly rivalry, so great. Loved the episode when all the siblings went over to Julia’s when she had her first night alone without the kids! Love this show(even though most episodes make me sob) because it shows imperfect people but they love their families and support one another. Sorry for the super long comment.

  • Alana says:

    Love, love, love this show! I agree about the super quick pregnancy scare for Amber. Ryan was gone too long for her to have been pregnant (and smoking pot) all that time so they had to have done it in the hospital. After he recovered from major surgery. What? I don’t even feel like having sex when I my head hurts, let along being in a car accident. Also, how awful was his mother?

    Happy Ending shout out! I miss that show so much. I think Brad and Jane should have their own show. “Bitch, it is 5:30!”

    You didn’t know that going to college makes you a lesbian? Clearly they were grasping for a story line that might explain what kept Haddie away for so long. I was kind of hoping they’d just pretend she never existed like Judy from Family Matters, but I guess the lesbian storyline is fine. Though I’m not sure how you could become a lesbian after losing your virginity to Michael B. Jordan.

  • Eirin says:

    I can’t believe that Zeke and Camille sold their house. IT was so sad seeing the house empty. But it looks like Adam and Cristina’s yard works for parties. Phew. And I am totally against Lorelai dating Ray Romano. What about the awesome and amazing CARL!! Helloo! He has money, he is generous, and adventurous. Ugh.

  • Denise says:

    How timely, I just spent the morning reading about Parenthood not being officially renewed. I have to admit, I am not ready to let it go. Here’s my unbiased opinion, Sarah needs to get with the Dr. (Jason Ritter and Hank are way too boring/needy). Plus, the Dr is hot. I agree with what you said about Julia and Joel, he can’t handle the new truth. As for Amber, that was a soap opera time line there. Next season will open with her taking the child to the first day of school.

    I do highly recommend Mr. Selfridge on PBS if you haven’t seen it and need something to fill the void (season 2 is currently on). It’s totally like Parenthood, but in a London, period piece, department store setting. 😉

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