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I have post traumatic stress syndrome. Not from my stint with the Marines.

Just my Wednesday morning with 2-year-old Chase.

I took the twins (and Summer) to a little sing-a-long thing and then afterward brought the three of them to the library. At which point, Summer proceeded to look for new Junie B. Jones books. Harlowe started flipping through some age appropriate board book. And Chase become a complete lunatic.

He ran around like a wild monkey.

He tried to climb on top of the computers that are reserved for civil activities like educational games.

And then he bit his friend Tess. TWICE.

He’s bitten her once before (a few months ago) and I dropped off a bottle of Prosecco at their house as an apology.

This time I left cookies.

If he bites her again, it’s going to have to be a car. Nothing flashy. Maybe a compact hybrid.

You know, long ago, when I had my first moms group in the city, I remember a boy about Chase’s age biting our dog. Yes, our dog.

At the time, I was like WTF?! What kind of kid bites a dog?!

I’m telling you, Chase would bite a dog. I’m sure of it. Just for fun.

Luckily, Chase also gives big juicy smooches.  He’s a lover and a biter. Which is what makes him so beautifully complicated.

And when I yell at him (like my fiercest I’m not kidding around kind of yell), he laughs. Big hearty laughs that make me sigh with defeat.

I know what all you parents of rambunctious children are going to say. “Just wait Kelcey. Just you wait. You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Yeah, that’s sort of what I am afraid of.

32 Responses to OMG. are you kidding me with this boy thing?

  • Emilyq says:

    I don’t have a biter, but I swear I spend more time chasing my 2-year-old son around the library than we spend looking at books.

    And, I’m betting that Tess’s mom is reading this and planning to tell Tess to provoke Chase into biting again so she can get that hybrid.


  • Becky says:

    I have two “wild monkeys” myself. I grew up with three sisters. I just keep repeating to myself “boys are different–boys are different”.

  • E says:

    No yelling. It’s a REWARD! Swift, unemotional, consistent consequences. I work with kids like him all the time. It will be ok.

  • Yelling is like fireworks: OOH PRETTY MOMMY IS ALL RED! Do what E. says: no response, no fireworks, no giggling. Be all business and be swift about it. Then buy yourself a bottle of prosecco. A big one. Maybe a case. Because he’s going to get older and as he gets older, he’s gonna get faster.
    Love, mother of two boys.

  • Meredith says:

    A wise man (with awesome hair) once said Once Bitten, Twice Shy… The lesser known follow up – Twice Bitten, Time for a new playdate.

  • Bitsy says:

    Oh, but just look at that face!! I’m sure he can get away with anything. Just yesterday I was telling my almost 15-year-old about the time he kicked his best friend in the mouth when they were in K3. It’s funny now. I swear.

  • Tracy says:

    Yeah…I had two girls then along came my little boy. They are innately different…lots of energy…a different breed altogether lololol

  • Laura says:

    My almost 4 y.o. boy is from the same mold as your Chase. Luke’s a biter from way back (say, 10 months old?). His newest trick is making poopy jokes and calling people “poopy”. What causes this? My 5 1/2 y.o. girl never behaves this way. I explain how bathroom jokes are cheap humor and as such are not funny. This does not discourage him. Unfortunately his little brother is coming right along behind him.

  • Heather says:

    He is so freaking cute! My son is the same…I was almost relieved the other day when I got a call from daycare, and and the teacher told me someone had bitten him, b! I didn’t get a bottle of Proseco though…

  • Kristine says:

    He is absolutely adorable, and he sounds just like my 3 year-old. He bites the crap out of his brother, laughs when I attempt discipline, and runs around like a feral child at any store we enter. His cuteness is his saving grace.

  • Kerri says:

    Just wait!! My twin girls were crazy busy like that too. They are turning 12 on June 19th & it has gotten better. My foster twin boys were even more of a challenge (had them 3.5 years from age 2-5.5). While holding onto my hands or in a stroller they still managed to take out entire displays!

  • Issa says:

    Boys man. I can’t say anything else but boys are a weird breed. Ha.

    I had two girls (one is very much like having a boy I thought) and yeah, I had no clue what I was in for, am still in for with my son. He’s a maniac. A three year old sweet maniac.

  • Johanna says:

    I too am learning that raising a boy is soooooo different than a girl!! I hope I make it to see Gavin’s 3rd birthday in August…hoping the last two months of age two doesnt kill me first!

    • Nina says:

      Oh, yes…ER visits. Both of my boys broke their left arm within 6 months of each other. My youngest has had both stitches and staples in his head.

  • Because I started out with a boy, I’m having the whole “omg girls are so complicated and sassy and hilarious and make me want to pull my hair out” with my 3 yo girl. My oldest (boy) is wild and social and sweet but I guess I’m just used to it?

  • Jill Sherman says:

    You know “they” say (whomever “they” is) that when they are terrors when they are young they will be easier when they are older. ….and vice versa. This time will go so quickly…unlike the teen years. Maybe he will be your easiest then!

  • Yay!!! The Bunny bit her best friend and another child on the same day – she hadn’t bit since she was like a year!! And no one could tell me why. Although she did say she was a lion that day. So I blame the school for educating her. Because Lions bite. I digress… the next day she bit me, but I was ready for her, having already addressed the situation with my aunt, who was a pre-school teacher for years and years.
    I bit her back.
    We’ve been a bite free household ever since.
    PS – I say ‘Yay’ because I can rest in the knowledge that if it happens to you too… I’m normal. Well… mostly.

  • Wait a second!! This is NOT about boys! My first born is a boy and he will barely bite food (he eats a lot of yogurt). My second born, my 16 month old DAUGHTER!, on the other hand is the kind of terror you describe here.

    And after my seven octave lower yell she also gives me a hearty laugh. And then a smile that could win American Idol. And finally a poke in the eye or a finger up my nose.

    What the hell do you do with these kinds of kids? Where the hell is my copy of What to Expect when you’re expecting the Tasmanian Devil for a child????

  • Robbie says:

    I’m reading two books for a class that you might want to read: The Male Brain and The Female Brain. The books are easy reads but very well researched. As the mother of a teenaged son, I wish I had read them earlier. Testosterone is a potent thing!

  • As a mother of a 12 year old boy, I promise, it gets amazing not just better.
    My boy now is sweet as the day is long and takes care of his mama. There is nothing greater than the love of a boy to his mom.
    Chase was given to you as a reward. It just may not seem like that now.

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