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When you don’t name your baby right away, people like to give you lots of time and space by constantly texting calming, supportive messages like… “So, do you have a name YET?!! 9 months wasn’t long enough?!!”

Not surprisingly, I was the hold up. We had about 4 names we really liked but I just couldn’t settle on one. Looking at my newborn son was no help because I thought he looked a little like Eddie Munster. Eddie seemed a bit too common. And Munster seemed too much like a wedge of cheese. So that didn’t work.

Plus, you know I have a history of name regret.

The days in the hospital kept going by and he became “baby boy’ and I was starting worry that would be his name forever so we finally took action and named him….

Cash London.

Why Cash?

1. Because it seems like a kick ass name and he’s the youngest of five so he’s got to demand respect right away from his older siblings.

2. The operating room played Johnny Cash (by my request) while I delivered so it seems fitting.

3. Everyone loves cash.

4. Cash is King.

cash is king

So take that Kate Middleton.



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