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Turns out dead raccoons are the least of my wildlife concerns because I’m now in full coyote panic.

In my town, coyotes have attacked two children (a 3 year-old and a 6 year-old) in the past week. Both were playing in their yards in the evening hours. Both children are thankfully going to be OK.

I only have so much space in my brain for endless worrying and it’s usually taken up by things like child abductors, terrorism and Gulf oil leaks. Now I have to start sweating coyotes too?

Summer is supposed to be about grilling, evening cocktails, running around outdoors and children catching fireflies. Or putting kids to bed early so you can enjoy previously mentioned cocktails. But it is not supposed to be about massive coyote hysteria.


I’m going to put my panic aside, go all Julie Andrews on you and think of a few of my favorite things.Β  Oh I know. My twins! They are six weeks today.Β  In case you ever meet them, here’s a little primer on telling them apart.

Just before I nurse them and they are really hungry, Chase looks like this…

And Harlowe looks like this…

Yes, Harlowe is my chilled out gal and Chase is my complainer. Translation: Harlowe would not worry about the coyote situation and Chase would stress it big time.

Chase also has a big head. A big, beautiful head which I’m sure he’ll grow into.

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