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Last week a reader tactfully mentioned that a clip of my husband may have been on “The Daily Show.”

I checked it out and this very testy anchor is indeed named Rick but is gratefully not my husband…

So my Rick lives another week without being skewered by Jon Stewart again.

But my husband has been hobnobbing with the talented and goldilicious. He recently sent me this photo…

Yes, that’s a grainy but real picture of Rick with Apolo Anton Ohno who was at my  husband’s TV network recently to show off his medals.

Rick said to Apolo, “My wife has a crush on you.”

Which is sort of half true but I don’t appreciate being outed like that. A girl deserves her privacy. I mean it’s not like I divulge all my husband’s personal information on this blog. Well, only if it’s funny.

Anyway, I’m basically at home every day doing things like trying to convince the girls that it’s not necessary to eat breakfast with their heavy snow mittens on while Rick is hanging with an Olympic speed skater who has won 8 medals.

So Rick and Apolo chatted for a few minutes. I can only assume that they mostly talked about me.

Or maybe they touched on the Olympics.

And according to Rick, Apolo is very little so now I’m thinking those bandanas must help to elongate him.

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