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My husband’s birthday is this week so I was trying to think of the most perfect present ever and of course, I thought, “Well, why don’t I abandon him for 48 hours with four children all under the age of six?”

I think you’ll agree that endless quality time with one’s offspring is the most beautiful of all gifts. I don’t know how he will ever show his gratitude.

And in case that’s not enough, I’m also getting him a card.

I went to that store Papyrus. Doesn’t “papyrus” sound like some kind of extinct animal that you learned about in 5th grade?

But in these parts, it’s a card store.

A super fancy card store where they pile the cards with glitter and sparkles and extra layers of high caliber card stock and then charge you $5.95.

For a CARD.

I peruse the store to find that special card to express my eternal love with just the right balance of wit and romance.  Or at least find one that says happy birthday for under four bucks.  And then I see something out of the corner of my eye.

Taylor Swift’s greeting card collection.

Now I did not see that coming.

The Jonas Brothers’ greeting card collection?  I can totally imagine that.

The New Kids on the Block greeting card collection? They must have given it a go.

But Taylor Swift?

Isn’t she too busy winning Grammy Awards to come up with card slogans? I guess she has people for that. Can you imagine being 20 and having a card slogan assistant? I’d just be happy to be 20 again.

So I take a look. They’re not too bad. Kind of cute. I find one for Rick. And the price? Only $2.79.

Plus, I’m sure it’s guaranteed to make my husband feel like a pop star.

What more could a guy want for his 41st.

16 Responses to my husband’s birthday

  • Jennifer says:

    Who can afford a gift when the card is six bucks? But honestly, I don’t know why you don’t have your own card line yet.

    Oh, and I really want a job with American Greetings. You’ll tell them that when they sign you?) 🙂

  • tracey says:


    I could totally write cards. Or have someone else write them for me and then put my name on them while I get a massage. That definitely sounds like something I can get behind.

    Oh yeah, happy birthday to your man.

  • Diane says:

    You know those stupid cards that say something like ‘it’s the thought that counts. and I obviously don’t think very much of you because your gift is this cars’. Except these days, a card is a VERY generous gift. When did they get so $$$$$. I contend prices have skyrocketed due to some treehugger lobby in congress that slapped some tarriff on the industry to get you to go eCard. Speaking of – you should send him a Jibjab personalized card. I did the Star Wars with all the kids heads for Luke, Han, and Leia. Way better than a paper version….

  • misty says:

    they sell them at walmart too… though i adore papyrus… and don’t particularly like to be any where even remotely near walmart… but my kid, well, she loves her some Taylor Swift so i know these things…

  • Okay now I MUST know what you did for his big one last year? My hubs is turning the big 4-0 this week and I am seriously freaking out trying to figure out that perfect gift too! I like the idea of giving him quality time with the kiddos – awww…we are so sweet aren’t we? So tweet me girl and help! LOL

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Send a FREE electronic card via e mail and save the money for a bottle of his favorite vodka, or a naked lady* jumping out of his birthday cake. That should make him happy. *Dylan or Summer..

  • But…how do you know he’s 41? Have you even seen his birth certificate? The original? Hey, is he even an American citizen?

    It’s Obama’s birthday today, too; or so he says, wily creature that he is…do you think Michelle gave him a Taylor Swift card also?

  • Slow Panic says:

    Time alone with the kids? trust me, that gift will last FOREVER. A new set of golf clubs? Eventually they’ll get replaced. But the sheer panic of being alone with the children? priceless (yeah. I had to say it)

  • Love my spouse says:

    Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a card whether in the mail or perhaps just left on the kitchen counter? Uhh, no one!And when it has just that perfect message inside I am sure to spend the few extra bucks. It is so worth it in this time of impersonal email, im’s, tweets, and facebook.
    Great choice on the Taylor card.

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