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My husband and I were recently driving in our car when we heard a commercial for Mother’s Day and we both wondered at the same time, “When is mother’s day?!”

“It’s in May,” my husband said with 90% certainty.

“Is it May yet?” I responded with no certainty.

Thankfully, Rick is really the one who has to figure it out. Mother’s Day comes before Father’s Day so we mothers always know that when we get to sleep in on a Sunday morning and then are forced by small children to eat cold, dry toast in bed — Father’s day is on the horizon!

I think it’s kind of great there is a day to celebrate mothers and fathers. I mean, we get thrown into this job with no training and no real understanding of what it’s going to do to our lives. We end up exhausted. Overwhelmed. Smitten. Filled with joy. Frustrated. Did I mention really ridiculously tired?


So we deserve a day to to sit back and think, I have no idea what I’m doing but these kids seem to be turning out okay so let’s celebrate me! Of course, my children always complain that there is no kid’s day and I have to point out the obvious… every day is kid’s day. Every day children.

My favorite Mother’s day moment was at Compo Beach in Westport, Connecticut. I had four kids at the time (the adorable and energetic Cash would make his debut a few years later). I gathered my children together and got this glamour shot…


And this photo actually hangs on my wall.

Yup, it really does.


Because it’s what Mother’s day and every day is all about.

Messy, crazy, imperfect and filled with love.


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