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On Friday morning, I am really pumped up to hit the shops so I can buy a 237 piece Tupperware set for $2.99 because I have this dream of storing every belonging I have in Tupperware.

I know the stores open up at 4 am. But I don’t go to any of those stores.Β  I make my first purchase at 8:40 am. At Starbucks. And it’s true, my soy latte is not on sale but what it lacks in savings, it makes up for in soy.

Next stop, some online shopping while Chase and Harlowe take their 15 minute naps. I am on the hunt for short coats. My 6 year-old informs me every day after school that she has a long coat and EVERYONE else has a short coat.

It reminds me of when I told my mother that EVERYONE at my high school had a new Porsche and I couldn’t possibly scrape by with a used Nissan. My mother went to the school parking lot to count Porsches and it turns out that my calculations were a trifle off.

I did not get Porsche.

Dylan will not get a Porsche.

But I can afford an inexpensive coat for my 6 year-old that she will actually wear on the playground.

The Children’s Place has sent me so many discount codes that I find one for $24. Free shipping.Β  I think they come to my house and wash it when it gets dirty. Done. I’m exhausted. This black Friday stuff is insane.

Later in the day, my in-laws come to visit, so I make my last black Friday excursion to the grocery store where things really start to heat up. Sure, I easily find a parking spot. But at the deli, they have run out of fresh roasted chicken. I am forced to buy fresh roasted turkey.

Then at check-out, there is an issue with the register and the manager has to come over and punch a few buttons! I am waiting literally minutes while this is happening.

Why didn’t I listen to the warnings? Everyone said it would be mayhem out there.

I arrive home. I have an empty Starbucks cup, a $24 girls’ jacket on its way and some deli turkey. The Christmas season has officially begun!

11 Responses to my crazy black friday

  • sara says:

    lol. so funny. I did not partake in black friday…for a variety of reasons…but the 15 year old girl next to me at my 2:30PM PT appointment was all “I just woke up” and I was like “wow, rough day”, and she was like “chomp, chomp, chomp (her chewing gum), well, I was out shopping at 4AM”….so glad you didn’t get caught up in the dreaded shop/nap day that she did πŸ™‚ (do I sound bitter) :-))

  • Leigh Ann says:

    You mean you weren’t up at 3am? I sure as hell was. Oh wait. That was with a baby whose diaper had leaked and a toddler who was tossing and turning in the highly uncomfortable bed I was attempting to sleep in at my grandparents house. Happy effing Thanksgiving. And I’m sure the Starbucks was totally worth it. πŸ™‚

  • Diane says:

    Good for you! I’m going to challenge myself to do all my holiday shopping online with free shipping. Methinks it can be done with enough advanced planning. Now if I could just do similarly with the obligatory family Xmas photo. Dreadingdreadingdreading.

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