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I have absolutely no drug radar. None.

So on New Year’s Day – oh wait – minor backtrack to New Year’s Eve.

My New Year’s Eve, despite all my belly aching, turned out damn good. I drank vino and watched “Superbad” with my gal-pal-college-consultant-it-girl Abby. I was cackling so hard with laughter, I didn’t even notice when 2007 morphed into 2008. So cheers to that. And now, like another mama bird reader, I have fallen hard for Michael Cera. That kid is too adorable.

Back to New Year’s Day. My hubby Rick wants to do a family breakfast thing. So around 9 am, we load the girls into the stroller and head to our local neighborhood diner. On the way, we pass a girl, still dressed in her New Year’s Eve wear and still boldly wearing her 2008 glasses, trying to hail a cab. McLovin that (This is not a McDonald’s reference. Please rent “Superbad.” And also, please tell me why it’s called “Superbad”). Suddenly, I am lost in my own walk of shame memories. Ah… that long walk from a fraternity house to your dorm room. Smudged make-up, headache, clothes that suddenly seem too dark, too short and too tight. Oh, the sweet, precious college memories.

I’m jolted back to my husband and two girls. We have arrived at the diner. We are seated right next to a group of 3. They seem to be wrapping up their New Year’s partying with big breakfast plates. And one of the guys is STARING at us. He just keeps looking at us. It’s getting awkward.

Guy at next table: I’m sorry I’m staring at you all but I can’t help it. You are just such a beautiful family.

Me: Thanks so much. (Rick and I smile and return to our breakfast. I’m thinking, WHAT A SWEET GUY! I mean, I’m not wearing any make-up except for a dash of concealer and I’m in Juicy sweats but I must still look good. Plus, the love of our family must just radiate all around us. This guy is SO nice to notice.)

Guy at the next table: Really, you are all just so beautiful. Just a beautiful family.

Me: Oh, thanks so much. (Ok, he’s laying it on a bit thick but still, the sentiment is perfectly lovely. And he’s clearly just overtaken by the magnificence of us.)

Rick: (under his breath) He’s on drugs.

What?! Oh snap… Of course, Rick’s right. This guy is totally on drugs. Damn. Crap.

Speaking of beautiful, Rick was off from work on Wednesday and we decided to utilize our sitter and have a day date. Fun, right? Well, after a brief (or-maybe-not-so-brief) argument at Pastis over his endless LOVE for fatty foods, we did buck up and enjoy checking out some art galleries in Chelsea.

And there is some crazy, weird, cool stuff going on at those galleries. I leave you with this photo from Boyd Webb, currently at the Sonnabend gallery on West 22nd Street. Is this guy nursing from a giant, green, crusty earth breast?


Umm… yeah… I have no idea. Maybe if I was on drugs, I would get it.

8 Responses to my beautiful 08

  • Abby says:

    I'm with you girl. Superbad was great, NYE was a blast, and I never know when people are on drugs. Somehow I just never fell into that or with people who do drugs. I have no drugar (I just made that up) or gaydar. Oh and I also have no idea what Superbad means! Thanks for a great night!

  • Lucy says:

    We watched Superbad Christmas eve and generally i don't find these types of movies very funny at all but that night i was overruled and superbad was the chosen movie by the majority of the family… i found myself laughing and enjoying it so much… it was hilarious!!! so right there with you Kelc! Happy New Year honey and i hope to see you soon. x

  • Jordana says:

    Juno is SuperCute too! You all are a beautiful, family drugs or not – btw, remember at Mike Singer's house 10th grade – "Kelc, you are sooooo beautiful." – that should have been your drug intro tip off! ( :

  • Becky says:

    Superbad should have been called Superfunny, and why did we all watch it over Christmas break? Not the holiday type movie, but we were wetting our pants. Although slightly embarrassing with the parents (grandparents) on the couch. I saw a McLovin t-shirt in a magazine the other day. Think I need to get it for my husband! Also, don't forget the lube.

  • Dixie Chick says:

    So late in response as I'm new to the diaries and catching up. My husband and I saw Superbad at the THEATRE. I didn't want to admit it to my friends. I chose it because it was in the right time frame (we are decrepit and have to watch the movie first, then dinner and then home at a decent hour), and as an avid reader of Entertainment Weekly, I knew it was going to be juvenile but really good writing. I'm so glad there are some other McLovin and Michael Cera fans out there!

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