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(This is a sponsored post. And it’s so important. Because as American Conservationist John Sawhill once said, “A society is defined not only by what it creates, but what it refuses to destroy.” )

Magaly Fuentes of West Palm Beach always cared about the environment. She even started a business to promote eco friendly fashion companies. But she knew the moment she had to really get involved locally in the fight for clean air and water.

“My son got diagnosed with asthma when he was 2-years-old so it made my commitment to the environment even stronger,” she says.

That’s why she recently showed up at Miami City Hall with her now 5 year old son, to support the Moms Clean Air Force “Moms and Mayors” partnership to improve the environment and children’s health.

The program connects moms with mayors across the country to make positive changes on the local level. In fact more than one million moms nationwide are working with local officials.

And right now, local action has never been more important. Our federal government may be rolling back air, water, and climate protections, but mayors across the country are finding innovative solutions: running their cities on clean energy, to save money and protect children’s health.

And we must act. Nearly 40% of Americans—125 million people—live in areas where the air is officially unhealthy to breathe because of air pollution. Air pollution takes a toll on the wellbeing of our kids, our seniors, and those frontline communities living close to pollution sources.

Caroline Lewis of the Cleo Institute (a non-partisan, non-profit dedicated to climate change education, engagement, and advocacy says, “There is such a lack of awareness of what’s happening with the environment.” But she says, once educated, local officials are often anxious to jump on board and make things happen.

And she insists every mom (and dad) out there can do something to push forward change and protect our world. “You’re not filling a pail. You’re starting a fire. Embrace the arsonist in yourself.”

Because we are only borrowing this earth from our children.

So be noisy. Write emails. Follow and retweet action items by @CleanAirMoms and @momsAction.

Educate your local leaders.

Urge your elected officials to do more.

Introduce yourself to your mayor. Write a handwritten letter of introduction. Then follow up with a phone call, to see if you can schedule a time to sit down in person and talk.

And think about joining a city board or commission.

Need more ideas of what you can do? Join the Moms Clean Air Force. Contact Heather McTeer Toney for more information at htoney@momscleanairforce.org.

Mom Magaly Fuentes has faith in the mothers out there.

“Moms are tough. They’re on a mission to protect their kids. They won’t stop until they are heard. Until they protect their kids.”

So let’s unleash the arsonist within us and get out there and protect our world.

(This is a sponsored post. All ideas are my own.)


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