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I don’t watch a lot of reality TV, except for fashion shows like Project Runway. So when I was asked to review the new A&E show Modern Dads, I wasn’t sure it was my thing.

It features four Austin stay-at-home dads. And as I expected, they did not sew cocktail dresses out of whatever materials they could grab from a pet store in 15 minutes. But these dads are entertaining. Like I could imagine my husband hanging out with them. If he lived in Austin. And I didn’t make him go to his job.

What makes the show work is that these are a real life group of friends so their banter feels much more authentic than your typical reality show. It features Nathan (a new dad), Rick (a laid back guy with 4 kids, including twins), Sean (a quirky, funny step-dad) and Stone (a single dad and ladies’ man).


The show goes very light on the baby crying (THANK GOD) and focuses on Stone’s love life which is nice break from butt wiping and princess parties.

Of course, there are moments that did not feel real. Like Stone visiting the doctor to inquire about a vasectomy at the urging of his friends and the doctor asking if he wanted the vasectomy that very day. Yes, that day. I know in New York there is a mandatory 30 day waiting period after your initial consultation. But maybe in Texas, vasectomies are as easy as picking up a Big Mac.

And another scene featured two dads (Rick and Stone) grocery shopping together which seemed a little ridiculous and forced. The last time I went grocery shopping with friends, I was in college and the only things on my list were margarita mix and Doritos.

I really liked the editing in the show (it has a fun vibe) and that the producers aren’t trying to make the dads look like buffoons. They are actually competent at taking care of children which is a nice departure from the typical dad fare on television.

Here’s a clip…

Also – submit a photo of your best ‘dadget’ idea on the Modern Dads’ Facebook page and you could win a $1,000 gift card. A ‘dadget’ is any item you’ve created or modified to make parenting a bit easier.

Modern Dads premieres on A&E on Wednesday, August 21st. 10:30/9:30C.

Check out the premiere episode and try to guess which line made me laugh out loud. I’ll give you a hint. It’s a line by the quirky step dad. You can learn more about the show here.

This is a sponsored review. All ideas are my own. Pinky promise.

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3 Responses to modern dads

  • Jen says:

    Why am I not surprised this series takes place in Austin? When we lived there, it always felt like so many of the dads didn’t work, were always at school pick-up, in their kakhi shorts and tevas. It felt like no one really worked a lot, or you worked at Whole Foods and played your gig later that night.
    I really don’t miss it, bc I’m such a NY’er at heart, but definitely feel the attraction.

    Hope the move is settling down. I know how stressful this all must be! XX

  • Lanie says:

    Yes – the last time I went grocery shopping with friends it was probably in college with you and Daph. It would definitely still be more fun and it would be easier to get out of the store without buying 10 boxes of angry bird graham crackers. Although the drive home to Georgia, Colorado or Florida might be a bit of a challenge :-). xo

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