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My 4 year-old daughter Dylan really digs seafood.

In the past week, she’s eaten salmon sushi rolls, mussels and fried calamari.

The girl will not touch the “cake” part of a “cupcake.” But mussels? Absolutely.

So recently I went to the grocery store and bought some shrimp to saute for her.

Two days go by.

And I realize that the shrimp are strangely MIA.

Not in the fridge.

Not in the freezer.

Not in the stroller, thankfully.

So I just let the shrimp go, trusting that the universe will take care of those sweet, lovely shrimp, wherever they might be. And I am at peace.

And then I notice an odd smell in our coat closet. And after a quick search I find those shrimp in one of my reusable cloth shopping bags. Apparently, the universe just dumped them in there. How rude.

So, umm… I guess, no shrimp for dinner.

Instead, I cook up some eggs for my girls and put the frying pan in the sink.

At which point, I am quickly reminded that super hot pans melt plastic. See….

Yes, that tupperware and elmo cup are stuck to the pan.

So as you might have concluded by now, I kind of won’t be cooking Thankgiving dinner.

We are headed to my Aunt Terrell’s in Connecticut and we will bring alcohol (already distilled), a pie (already bakery made) and an Asian salad (already a well received dish at previous Thanksgivings and a very simple recipe).

By the way, if you like to shop at the Citarella on 6th Avenue, you may want to avoid the loaves of French bread for the next day or so. Because there was this little girl touching all the loaves. I don’t know who she is exactly but I think she might look something like this.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I am so grateful for all of you who take a few minutes from your insanely busy lives to read this blog. I am grateful for all your funny, smart, fabulous comments.

I am thankful for my handsome husband and cute little girls that can’t keep their sticky fingers off fresh loaves of French bread.

mama bird notes:

Yes, all you google cheaters were right. That was singer and songwriter Neil Sedaka, sitting next to actress Kathleen Turner at Juror Appreciation Day here in New York.

I’m sending the mama bird bonus prize to Aimee because in her comment she admitted to throwing up very publicly during jury duty. So the poor girl deserves a prize.

All the celebs were looking up at this.

And yes, Vera Wang was there. Not wearing a wedding dress.

And just so no one is bitter about Rick’s free jury pass, please know he has served multiple times on juries. In fact, just four years ago, he and his other jurors let a drug dealer go free. Yes, seriously. So please don’t think he’s not doing his part for the American justice system.

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