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6 year-old Dylan: “Oh my gosh, I love my little sister. It’s like a real doll!”

7 month-old Harlowe: “It’s wet. It’s cold. There’s a hand in my armpit. Why is daddy jumping around like such a buffoon and telling me to smile? If any of these photos end up on Facebook, I will not be pleased. Must remember to have Dylan teach me how to untag myself in photos.”

4 year-old Summer: “I’m trying not to laugh because I’m queen of the pout. But damn, daddy is one funny guy. That Obama impersonation is dead on.”

7 month-old Chase: “Three sisters?! Are you kidding me with this? And why are we in the bath? This never would have happened if we had hired a professional photographer. I mean, what is wrong with a nice portrait studio and some soft lightening? Someone send help. Please.”

Holiday card courtesy of Tiny Prints. Thank you!!

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