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So maybe some of you remember what Rick and I did last New Year’s eve…

Yeah, that was pretty much it.

Laundry mixed with a little Anderson Cooper, a splash of the Scope Kiss Cam and a Jonas Brothers twist.

But this year, we skipped the sorting and folding and went to a party. I know! We got invited to a party in our new town. And it wasn’t some lame get together with a bowl of baked chips and guests dancing to “Celebration.” Oh no. This was a party with a really awesome Bruce Springsteen cover band (Tramps Like Us).

And you know how Jersey boys like their Bruce Springsteen…

Quite a bit.

So after eating 6 sliders, 14 pigs in blankets and dedicating the new year to The Boss, we headed home. The next day, Rick went to work and my dad and I brought the girls to Disney on Ice.

The show is LONG. Just ask Summer.

And this is her nodding off during the FIRST act.

When we left, I felt kind of dirty. And not just because I paid $12 for a princess snow cone. I mean, the gowns and glitter are all cool, but the message of this show is nauseating. You must find a prince to save you and marry you.  Don’t our girls deserve better than that?!

Of course, Dylan just LOVED it. So I made sure to rant about equal pay for equal work and the importance of a college education as we made our way to the parking garage.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s.

May 2010 bring you everything your heart desires…

Whether it’s a prince.

Or equal wages.

Or maybe just a few minutes of quiet while you sip your latte and catch up on blogs. xo

26 Responses to kelcey + rick’s new year’s rockin’ eve

  • My heart desires for 6am is to enjoy the quiet with coffee, FB and I should be reading books! I do want to counter the Disney message as well. At least Tiana wanted to open her own business… Happy New year! Hope your mom is speedily mending.

  • Emily Keenan says:

    Kelcey – We LOVE Springsteen. I am going to angle for that invite next year when we move out by you. And yes, I HATE these princess themes. Our two-year old is wild about princesses and I am thrown for a loop. See you soon, Em

  • christy says:

    So funny – and I’m impressed with your New Year! I was in bed, asleep, by 9pm. But I do have this pregnancy as a good excuse. Hope your mom is continuing to improve and you have a great year!

  • Diane says:

    My husband and I have been talking about this a lot lately – when is the last time you saw a good marriage celebrated by our culture? The Cosby Show (for real – can you recall since then?) What I love about your blog is that you and your Prince are such a wonderful match. And someone told me once that a good marriage is the best gift you can give your children. So when my girls find their prince (I say when, not if), I hope that their real life happy ending will be as fun and as worthwhile as yours must be having such a wonderful partner. (and mine too, of course!). Happy New Year!

  • Well look at you two, getting out on NYE! Such irony, you know….living in the city, folding laundry; living in the suburbs, gulping sliders and singing your hearts out.

    I, by the way, will take the prince, the equal pay, the quiet, the latte, and plenty of time to catch up on blogs.

    Happy New Year Kelcey!

  • hokgardner says:

    every time we watch a disney princess movie that ends with a wedding, i make sure to add “but before they got married, she went to college and had a career of her own! and she waited until she was of legal age to marry.”

    have you ever noticed how disney princesses all get married off at insanely young ages? the little mermaid is all of 16 for gah’s sake.

    and i took the girls to see disney on ice once and once only. the longest two hours of my life.

  • e says:

    I’m not sure that starting off 2010 with a Disney fest was the best way to get a fresh start but I sure as heck hope the rest of 2010 is A LOT better than 2009 for you. Here’s to a new beginning and a little break from the craziness to just enjoy life with your beautiful family in your new home. Hope mom recovers as speedily as possible.

  • Kristin says:

    Happy New Year! Glad you and Rick got out! Julia and I were in Texas visiting Jen, Eric Luke and Parker. We put the kids to bed early, had a great dinner, and rang in the New Year at 11 pm (cuz it was midnight in New York!)

  • francine Kasen says:

    I hope you saw the Boss get his due as a Kennedy Center honoree last week! It was great! Happy New Year Folbaums!!!

  • Madge says:

    i somehow managed to drag my two boys — ages 7 and 11 — to Princess and the Frog yesterday.

    that whole princess thing? totally lost on the boys.

  • SoMi's Nilsa says:

    That band, that party, seems like so much fun. Good for you for getting out this year. We didn’t get out, though we did socialize by having people over to our place. Happy 2010, Kelcey.

  • Elisa says:

    Happy New Year! The peace and quiet thing sounds good. I would mind a desert island. As long as I have lots of books and dvds to watch, and someone to make me pina coladas.

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