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Everybody has their own pet peeves. I hate when someone does the dishes and then leaves bits of food in the drain trap. It just wigs me out to see soggy cheerios and little pieces of unrecognizable food abandoned and looking for a proper home.

What I didn’t realize is that it’s possible to acquire someone else’s pet peeve. My husband Rick has a thing about toilet paper rolls. He’s a pretty laid back guy about most things so it’s strange that he gets his calvins in a bunch over toilet paper. So let me explain (this might not be as exciting as the “The Hills” but hang in there with me).

The paper has to roll from the top (not the bottom). I’ve never spent two seconds in my life thinking about whether I’m pulling the sheets from the top or the bottom (I’m just happy the toilet paper is there). But once I started living with Rick, I made an effort to make sure the toilet paper was unrolling his preferred way. It’s the least I can do for my husband – right?

Last week, I must have been in a hurry because I put the roll on the wrong way. I noticed it immediately. It was actually annoying me that it was unrolling from the bottom. And then I was annoyed that I was annoyed. Why did I suddenly care about this? Out of principle, I refused to fix the situation. Why didn’t Rick fix it? I have no idea. But I do know that somehow Rick had cleverly transferred his pet peeve to me. Very crafty of that guy.

I guess people can have enormous power over each other’s thinking. I can still remember how much I loved orange juliuses in high school. A trip to the mall just wasn’t complete without one – so frothy and orangy delicious. Until one day, my girlfriend Jordana innocently (or maybe not so innocently) remarked, “don’t you think they taste like baby aspirin?” I considered this. She was right. They did taste like baby aspirin. Yuck. That was the last orange julius I ever had.

But she is forgiven because Jordana is also the girl who introduced me to sushi, one of my food obsessions. The same goes for Rick. He may have turned me into a crazy girl obsessed with toilet paper rolls but being married to an incredible guy like him is more than worth the trade off.

8 Responses to just can’t roll with it

  • Abby says:

    My friend Jenn in Chicago is the exact same way. She turned me into a top rolling toilet paperer. I haven't talked to her in a while, but I seriously think about her every single time I refresh the toilet paper roll! What a way to get someone to think about you often.

  • Jordana Bales says:

    I promise it was innocent! And just think – you may have now ruined orange Juliuses for all the mamabirddiaries readers!

  • Heidi says:

    Not only must my tp roll from top to bottom but a major peeve is walking into a bathroom where the tp is down to the last half inch or so. If you look under my sink there are several rolls that have a half inch of paper left. (Got it from my grandmother…)

  • Kerry says:

    TP rolls don't really faze me, but that soggy food in the drain trap thing really gets me going too! and, unrinsed dishes in a dishwasher! and un-wiped kitchen counters! thanks for sharing your [similar] neuroses…xoxo

  • Daphne says:

    I have same peeve…but I thought I got it from Are you there God its me Margaret, which is what I think of every time a roll needs a'changing…

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