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Well, I was looking for a little adventure. And I got it. The trip to Southern Italy was a tad stressful with two very weepy, exhausted girls. O.K., make that three. I was dragging a bit myself.

I couldn’t sleep one minute on the overnight flight to Rome because I like to be ready and alert in case the pilot passes out from food poisoning and the crew suddenly needs my assistance in the cockpit.

Hey, I’m not naive. I saw the movie “Airplane.”

Once we arrived in Rome, we had to switch planes. It was a bit of an ordeal because we had to pick up and recheck our luggage. I was so grateful that I had thought to bring a sherpa along.

It’s so weird how much that guy looks like my dad.

Despite my sprightly and helpful sherpa, we missed our connection. While we waited for the next flight, Dylan passed the time playing cards and Summer mostly just ate chips.

We finally arrived in the city of Monopoli, only to find that our accommodations were absolutely not going to work because the place turned out to be a child danger zone… with an incredible amount of dark, narrow, stone staircases, without any railings. I am absolutely sure it looked sunny and safe in the snapshots.

So after nearly 24 hours of traveling and night approaching, I started melting down. Not laid back Italian style. Hard core Manhattan style. With a ridiculous amount of tears.

And then the universe (along with some very kind Italians) delivered…

A perfect hotel room. A trattoria for dinner. And 12 hours of sleep. Oh the happiness.

I took a few Italian language lessons before the trip but so far no one seems to understand a darn word I am saying. I guess because I’m mostly speaking in English and Spanish. I really don’t remember my Spanish being this good when I lived in Madrid.

But I’m learning a few Italian words. I quickly learned the word for “dad.” Since I’m traveling with my father, everyone just assumes he is my husband. Kind of, sort of, definitely icky. So I like to clear up that misconception immediately.

And I do miss my husband desperately. He’s meeting us here on Saturday. But with incredible food, wine and young strapping Italian guys… oh, I guess, I’ll manage to keep busy. Here’s the hotel desk staff at night… seriously.

But honestly, I really can’t wait until Rick gets here. I hope he knows about that food poisoning thing for his flight over. I just know the crew will be counting on him.

41 Responses to jet lag is not pretty

  • misty says:

    oh my goodness. what a nightmare of luggage! Seriously! Bless your NY heart… For surviving AND for your meltdown. I don’t blame you though.

  • Damselfly says:

    OK, what is up with Italy? I know some folks who are there right now. You lucky, lucky people. On their way there, they got stuck in New Jersey.

    Il piacere di conoscerla.

  • Pearl says:

    I am so jelly! You are going to have such a fantastic time there!!! And, you look fabulous in the picture, I never would have guessed you had recently completed 24 hours of travel and a meltdown!

  • kristen says:

    thank you for the update. i’m so jealous that you’re in italy, even with the mishaps.

    have the best time. wish you were here – i’d make you meet me on saturday. xo

  • merlotmom says:

    Okay, I’m feeling bad for you and your travel woes, but shit, I wanna be in Italy, eating pasta, drinking wine, and flirting with the young italian hotties. I’m sooo jealous;.

  • Jennifer H says:

    If you can’t find at least 3 cute outfits per day in those bags, I can’t help you! Now, that’s luggage.

    Glad it’s all working out. I would be calling the front desk a lot if I were you.

    Have fun!

  • sam says:

    holy CRAP, what an ordeal WITHOUT TWO kids!!! i would be in tears all by myself! my hats off to you, you are one hard core mama!!! i freak out about a direct flight to the caribbean with ONE kid and a mom sherpa. but of course it’s all worth it because now you’re in ITALY with ITALIANS!! congrats for making it there but you do look WAY too good post-travel-trauma, you really know how to bounce back! have the most magnificent time. you know rick will sleep the whole way there, right?

  • Robyn says:

    I’m so glad you made it to Italy safely (and without the need for your piloting skills). You are so brave to take the girls on such a long flight — I was a nervous wreck bringing Bear to FL!

    Enjoy our Italian vacation — and post pictures!

  • Turbo says:

    I hate rechecking and airports when it’s just me! I can’t imagine doing it with my kids . . . and a parent :-). Mother of the year, you are!

    Now let’s see some more of those incredible locals! Turbo likey!

  • Cathy says:

    When we visited my dad’s family in Bitritto, Italy, none of them knew English. We carried the Italian/English dictionary everywhere we went. I could kind of figure out what they were saying based on stories my dad told me. But it was very stressful. Looks like after stressful travels you’re all ready to have fun!

  • E says:

    Ok, next trip, I am coming over to help you pack b/c that amount of luggage is enough to get anyone’s trip off on the wrong foot! Based on what Ron told me about your dad I am super glad he is with you–traveling with kids is stressful even in state much less internationally!!! Have fun!!!!

  • wa says:

    You are one brave mutha. When my boys were those ages, I was scared to go to the grocery store with them alone. Now, have fun & stop blogging! You need to go shoe shopping.

  • Jacki says:

    Ah yes, juet lag sucks!! I am still recovering from ours.

    And hello! I’d be spending a lot of time down at the hotel lobby with that guy.

  • Jessi says:

    First off I have to skip everything and got straight to the end of your blog….Will you please ship the hotel night staff to my house? I’ll just tell my husband he’s the new nanny or something πŸ˜‰

    No, really, I’m glad you made it safe – sorry about the connecting flight though. I’m so glad your crocodile tears worked for the safety of your children and your much needed sleep.
    Have a ton of fun!!

  • Erin says:

    I hope your trip gets better! Just remember you are in Italy and there’s tons of wine! You are a brave girl, traveling with two mobile kids. The rest of the trip will get so much better! Enjoy!!

  • francine Kasen says:

    I took a picture of some poor unsuspecting gondolier in Venice who was on his lunch break, eating topless on his boat just below the bridge I was crossing. What a bod! Great tatts. And the sandwich even looked good!!! Have a ball!!! Ciao Bella!

  • Daphne says:

    Glad you made it and settled in. We had quite a delay trip too…settled in with Lanie in Hotlanta due to storms in NY, not too bad after all. Have that hottie make me a stiff drink please.

  • Becky says:

    You are such a trooper. Wow, what a trip!
    Glad it all worked out and ah, could I ask you to get me one of those hot Italian guy’s phone numbers? Doesn’t matter that he doesn’t speak a lick of English… I don’t need him to talk.

  • ErinB says:

    glad you are there safe and sound and most importantly with internet connection!!!!
    and I think that amount of luggage is totally reasonable..i mean you will be there for 3 years right?
    have a great time and we look forward to hearing about your next adventure! xo

  • Rachel W. Bernstein says:

    I’m so sorry for your HIGH CLASS troubles Kelc! Totally kidding, as I’d be having a serious meltdown still…you are a trooper! Love the pix – try and have an amazing time and chalk it up to one to grow on…xoxo

  • The Mom Bomb says:

    What the hay — I exit the blogosphere for a week then return to find you in Italy! You are a mover and a shaker, woman. Quit blogging and drink a glass of red for me!

  • Kristin Kutscher says:

    I love the pic of your dad with all of the luggage! He seems to be the calm within the storm. Happy you are settled. I was wondering why Rick was on the late night news Monday night. Have a good vaca!

  • Michael B. says:

    Yeah, the sherpa does look a lot like your dad. Since your dad went with you, did he think the sherpa looked a lot like him. Wait, oh, the Sherpa is your dad. I get it. Ha ha ha. LOL.

  • mp says:

    I can’t picture travelling w/ children overseas..WOW…you are a trooper.
    I love Italy..but never made it as far South as Rome.. I think I need to go back.

  • susan kintner says:

    Kelcey: You are definitely one of the most resilient, courageous and steadfast persons I have ever known….and by Saturday your full team will be together…and you, Rick, Tom, Dylan and Summer are the magnificent five! Have fun for those of us living vicariously through your adventures. Go gently. Love across the miles, monala

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Please don’t tell me all that luggage has toilet paper in it. Come on Kelcey…what the HELL IS IN THOSE BAGS??? Last I heard, Italy is up to date and you can buy shampoo/deodorants/toothpaste and you don’t have to schlep it from home.

  • Lanie says:

    Hopefully Rick read this and brushed up on his flying (just in case the pilots need him). Or, maybe the pilots read this and knew to beware of food poisoning.

    I hope that your trip is getting better! xoxox

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