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As mass shootings and gun violence continues in the United States and overseas, I’ve noticed a real shift in how Americans think about it. For a long time, there was more of a, “That’s shockingly horrible but I can’t imagine this happening in my kid’s school or my workplace.” But now, it’s more of, “Sooner or later, it’s going to happen to my community or my family.”

And with the Paris attacks and the San Bernardino shootings, it all seems raw again. Which is why it’s so incredible that 50 Senators recently defeated background checks. (By the way, those Senators have received 27 million dollars from the NRA.) You can find out how your Senators voted here.

Right now criminals can avoid background checks by purchasing guns from unlicensed sellers online and at gun shows. Of course, some will say, “Well, background checks wouldn’t have prevented the San Bernardino shooting.” Maybe not, but why not start closing gun loopholes and save future lives?

As so many have said before me, why is it easier to buy a gun than get a driver’s license in this country?

Plus 88% of Americans favor universal background checks (and that includes a lot of gun owners). Why isn’t Congress listening to the people instead of focusing on their next reelection?

And yes, we need more than background checks. We need more resources for mental health.  We need to close the terror gap, to prevent individuals on terror watch lists from getting armed. We need more people to say something, when they see something.

We keep saying #NotOneMore. But there is one more. And another. And another. And it doesn’t stop.  Which leaves many of us feeling completely helpless. And terrified for our safety.

So we can do nothing. We can live in our bubbles and hope it doesn’t happen to us or someone we know. Or we can make a call to our Senators. We can make a donation to Moms Demand Action or Everytown for Gun Safety or The Brady Campaign or Americans for Responsible Solutions. And we can start walking.

This weekend, I’m going to a March for Gun Safety in Miami (David T. Kennedy Park in Miami on Sunday, December 13 at 10 AM). Please join me there or walks are happening all over the country. Click here to find the one closest to you.


On the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings, isn’t it time we finally said #enough?

Enough gun violence.

3 Responses to it’s time for all of us to do something about gun violence in america

  • beachmom says:

    Honestly I don’t know what it will take for change to happen? Maybe god forbid some of these members of congress suffer loss at the hands of these terrorists personally. Sometimes it has to hit home before action is taken – its always ” not in my back yard” mentality. When 20 six year olds could be gunned down in the safety of their classroom and nothing was done then I fear for this country and its inaction. That to me was the most heinous and unforgivable act and still nothing. For me this is THE issue in America at this moment and time and unless a candidate can show me with 99% certainty of what plan they have in place for when they take office then I will not be voting in this election for any candidate. I can feel President Obama’s pain and resignation when he speaks after each and every one of these events – his hands are tied and there seems to be nothing that he as the “leader of the free world” can do. We have to tighten the loop holes, we have to make it harder to obtain a gun license than a car license, we have to make it next to impossible to obtain a weapon and magazines. We HAVE to but will we?

  • Susan says:

    “Over 1,057,000 people have been killed by guns in the USA since John Lennon was shot and killed on 8 Dec 1980”. Yoko Ono on twitter. Why that statement alone isn’t enough to change the attitudes of some towards gun control is beyond me.

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