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This is my kind of November. Sunny and unseasonably warm. The kind of November where you don’t need a hat like this one. A bunch of you weighed in last week on Rick’s new winter hat with some hilarious comments.

Turns out, a lot of you felt like The One True Sue who said…

He returned the hat. Now of course, he’s bound to run into an avalanche or yeti situation.

This weekend, we took advantage of the 60 degree plus weather and went to the UBS Parade Spectacular in Stamford, Connecticut.  Because nothing says parade fun like UBS’ recent announcement that they are laying off 3,500 employees. Right.

We found a pretty good spot at the parade but unfortunately we were right behind a very not child friendly couple who sort of kept glaring at us. You know, because we existed. And had the nerve to give birth to kids.

We moved away quickly from Mr. and Mrs. Why-Are-You-At-A-Parade-If-You-Don’t-Like-Children. (In full disclosure, I don’t know if that’s their actual last name.) We decided to scale a wrought iron fence to get to a better viewing vantage point.

But I did have to very temporarily hand over Chase to a stranger while I climbed over the fence.

In my defense, the guy was a sweet grandfather. Plus, I trust any man with a mustache and sunglasses.

We all liked the parade but to be perfectly honest, a lot of the balloons seemed a bit tipsy.

Well, drunk.

See what I mean?

But we did meet the most chilled out dog in America..

In case you’re wondering, that kid has “Diana” tattooed to his neck. I asked for his email address so I can find out if he and Diana are still together in a few years.

Obviously, you know they will be.

29 Responses to it’s november! and i’m still warm!

  • Abby says:

    Oy vey. That young kid has a tattoo already? What has this world come to? The grandfather is really cute (I’m not into mustaches but that can be fixed). Maybe there wasn’t enough helium in the balloons. And finally, does Rick age?

  • DawnGes says:

    When our kids were little we always seemed to find those non-kid-loving people hanging out at what should have been family events. What’s up with that? Do they enjoy being tortured? Do they have a death wish? Or, do they just love giving death glares?

    Whatever the reason it was fun to help them out and our kids seemed to smell their dislike and determined to make their experience even more torturous.:)

    Chase looks like he’s practicing the death glare thing–that couple was obviously a bad influence.

  • Bren says:

    The last parade we went to had a couple who continued to move in front of my 3 year old so that they could “see the floats”. I finally said quite loudly “how rude to step in front of a child trying to watch the parade!” I got quite the look from them but they finally moved. Really? You NEED that candy cane the person was trying to hand to my child?

    Oh and the man with the mustache – he looked trustworthy in a Magnum PI kind of way!

  • Diane says:

    Those people are exactly why we don’t do parades. That and because my kids run out into traffic. Hope you have a terrific Thanksgiving – looking forward to reading all about it in your hilarious way!

  • I do a lot of business travel.

    I hate when children are on my flights.

    The double standard is that I have five kids (three nearly full-time stepchildren and 22 month-old twins). Clearly, I was overdue for some karma-style payback when I took my eleven year-old stepdaughter and the toddlers to Arizona to visit my family.

    A four hour flight. Each way. Without my husband.

    The flight there was NOT superdelightful.

    Then, on the way back, my son screamed the last two hours.

    Non. Stop. Screaming. Louder than I’ve ever heard him scream.

    I was concerned my fellow passengers were going to form a revolt and my toddler wouldn’t make it home alive. But everyone was pretty sympathetic during the flight.

    Since we had been so obnoxious, I waited to deplane until everyone else had departed. No need to lug two car seats, toddlers and 8 million bags off in front of everyone who just listened to my son scream for the last 120 minutes.

    One man felt the need to turn around and glare at me and shake his head in angry disapproval as he walked off the plane.

    Nice. Because the screaming was clearly SO enjoyable for me.

  • Lindsey says:

    I, too, would love to know if kid with dog is still with Diana in a couple of years! I always had a disdain for people with children who think that the entire world has to be flexible because they decided to procreate, i.e. while their little rugrats climbing into my booth while I’m trying to quietly eat my dinner and they are obliviously chatting away… And I am proud to say I am not one of those parents! I will take my child and leave a restaurant if she isnt behaving, or just not take her at all if I don’t think she can behave. However, to be somewhere that’s family friendly and glare at children is an entirely different ballgame! Mr. and Mrs. Why-Are-You-At-A-Parade-If-You-Don’t-Like-Children should’ve moved, not your family! And I too will always trust a man with a mustache in sunglasses 😉

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    The woman glaring at you looks like a chimp ate off her face and she just got this new one transplanted on to her. Parades ARE FOR CHILDREN…bring a thermos full of martinis next time for ‘child-hating adults’…offer them a drink and smile. If they refuse, tell them, ‘well it’s just more for my kids’.

  • Megan says:

    We were there too! Our location had lots of tipsy balloons because they had to pass under the lights at the intersection
    so next year we know better. But my kids had fun high fiving a number of the laying down balloons! On the train ride home, the guy next to me said to his girlfriend, “They should have kept this car shut.” What’s that supposed to mean?

  • Emily says:

    You have the most adorable family and I love reading about your adventures. (I would have trusted that stranger, too- with my baby boy. The Diana-loving boy with the strange dog, not so much!)

  • Lanie says:

    No beads?! What kind of parade are you going to? Hope the warm weather holds out so that Rick has little or no chance of running into an avalanche or yeti situation. xoxo

  • Loukia says:

    Oh, this post made me smile. I hate mean people who glare at kids. Seriously. What are THEY doing at a parade? Also, I’d totally hand over my baby to that man, too!

  • Aimee says:

    OMG Kelcey I could have written this post! We were at the same parade (wish I would have ran into you) and I literally turned to my girlfriend and said “What is up with people that come to this thing without kids and that glare at parents with kids the entire time?”…..Who exactly is the parade for? I mean if you don’t have kids and think sitting on a sidewalk watching big balloons is a hoot you have bigger things to worry about then my kids yelling SPIN at the top of their lungs! Elmo was wicked drunk on our end of the street–he almost fell on our head–and obviously can;t be trusted to take care of his fish–did you see poor dorothy?

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