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I’m sure you are wondering how I am doing in the sunshine state. Great! Just great! I mean, if great includes sobbing in the bathroom while your movers unload the truck.

But that still seems better than that mayor who is banned from the San Diego Hooters because according to the chain, “women should be treated with respect.”

So we have established that I’m doing better than some California mayor who sexually harasses women and now can’t get a cold beer and some wings at a place that objectifies women. Way to go Filner!

But I’m pretty exhausted. As tired as Harlowe who actually fell asleep on Rick’s shoulders…

Harlowe sleeping on Rick's shoulders

And I’m overwhelmed. And I really just want to go home to my house. You know, the one in NY.  And to make things worse, none of the movers looked like Ryan Gosling.  I could have sworn the moving company promised that.

The new house doesn’t feel like my house. There is crap everywhere. And a million things that need to be done. And then Chase got an ear infection and a rash. Then the car broke down and we needed two new tires for the low cost of hundreds of dollars.

And the guys at the garage didn’t look like Ryan Gosling either. What is it with Florida?

But our new neighbors seem nice. One of them brought over some kind of chicken cheese breaded thing which was delicious and then Rick and I had the following conversation.

“We just ate food from some stranger. Do you think she poisoned us?” I asked.

“No,” Rick said.

“Well, it really would be the perfect way to poison someone. A sort of welcome wagon of death. Is your stomach hurting?”


“I think my stomach is hurting. Well, if I do die, it really was a delicious last meal.”

After every annoying, why-do-people-move task, I just shout out, “That was easy!” I got this idea from Rick’s agent and it has a way of making me feel better.

Oh and this has been making me feel better too.

palm tree florida

That tree is in front of our new house.

mama bird notes:

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15 Responses to it’s my move and i can cry if i want to.

  • Moving will suck but then when it’s February and you’re not packing to travel with five kids to an overcrowded, understaffed airport with eightyfive gazilliion other people so that you can spend a week in the sunshine…you’ll be giggling with joy because YOU WILL BE WEARING FLIPFLOPS. In February. And March. And during the “surprise!” snows of a New York April. All of which will (almost) make up for not being packed by Ryan Gosling. As it were.

  • Diane says:

    Moving in a word is where you think you are being punished for some past sins of a prior life. We’re readying our brood to go from Austin to Atlanta and were both in denial and overwhelmed about what we face. Selling house, buying house, finding pediatric endocrinologist for my youngest just Dx with Turners Dundrome / it’s all so overwhelming. Trying to work plan it to varying success. Good luck Kelcey!’

  • George says:

    When I moved from Jersey to the cape I was not too happy at first. Actually it took more then a year to make this feel like home. I miss Jersey( yes I actually do miss it) but every time I go back I can’t wait to go back to my nice, quiet, less traffic home on the cape.

  • Alex says:

    The chaos is temporary. But the gorgeous trees and sunshine and warm days are not. Soon everything will be put away and you’ll be able to enjoy your new beautiful new home in the Sunshine State. Just take it one box at a time and before you know it they’ll all be unpacked. xo A

  • Abby says:

    If it makes you feel better one of my students met Ryan (her mom is a famous actress) and said he’s really nice! Miss you a lot, ESP during our reunion weekend!

  • Erin says:

    1. That tree rocks and you will never have to rake one leaf. Ever.
    2.i think the fact that a neighbor brought u something is a good sign. No one brought us anything when we moved here though the woman across the street did a hit and run with my car 2 months after moving here and we actually had to call the cops on her!
    3. School starts soon for your kids and there is a shot of more people being out of your house than inside while unpacking!!
    4 it’s all smoke and mirrors with Ryan g- he is not that hot. (Ok. He is. Damn)
    5. Save your tears for when we are ravaged by 23 blizzards and we all decide to come stay with you. At the same time.

    You will unpack. It will feel like home. You will be ok. Wash. Rinse. Repeat xoxoxo

  • beachgirl says:

    …and breathe! you will survive this with your family, sanity and sense of humor in tact. Think of all the worse places you could be right now…and yes the boxes are taking over your house but they will get unpacked – what’s the rush? ( says she Miss type A who would be melting with anxiety if those boxes were in her house right now) go to the beach and splash in the warm water and yes you will be laughing your azz off at us in the north east come january 🙂

  • Princess Judy says:

    Moving is so awesome. My favorite moving experience is when the new landlord gave us a 30-day notice right after hubby had lost his job and an uninsured gal totaled my car. We had to move into a cheap dump and my daddy floated a loan for a new truck. It should have gone well enough, right? I mean one person had ALL DARN DAY to work on the move and a freaking truck to do it with but somehow all the work waited until I got off work, WHERE WE WERE MOVING OFFICES! Then hubby got the brilliant idea we needed a break so he planned for us to take a road trip and go to an NHL game and left me a message to that effect. I wanted to kill him. The next message was that he didn’t actually get tickets but he was sure we could pick them up in the parking lot. He was going to die. The third message was that he “dinged” the 3-week old truck. He was a dead man. When I finally got off work the truck was caved in all down one side, far from a “ding” but an amazing amount of stuff had been moved and no, the hockey game hours away was a bad idea, honey, and is there anything else I can do for you?

  • Hang in there, honey. I remember crying once because I could never remember how to get to the grocery store in our new town. I just had too much in my brain already, what with trying to keep 5 kids alive and fed, and there was no room for new information.

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