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So, of course, two days after I write all about the the quirky behavior of my lovely, beautiful Dylan, she has the nerve to go to bed in long sleeve pajamas…

plus a princess nightgown…

plus a winter hat with attached scarf combo. Dylan, I already wrote the, “Is My Kid Weird” post. Jeesh.

So do you think we have the air conditioning on too high or something?

Meanwhile my friend Julie recently dropped her cell phone in the water at the playground. She immediately asked for my expertise on the situation because of my long history of damaging technical gadgets.

I leaped into action, instructing her to immediately douse her cell phone in salt. The salt would suck out all the water and could bring her phone back to life, I explained. A friend suggested this brilliance on the mama bird diaries after my own phone dropped in a public toilet. Umm.. yeah. Still gross.

So Julie, believing that I am a trained tech professional, followed my instructions.

Except at some point, when her phone was buried deep in salt, Julie started having doubts about my yoda master skills and had the smarts to actually look up this advice. She quickly found out, it’s RICE that works like magic. Not friggin salt.

Oh. Did I say SALT? Rice. Uh, that’s what I meant.

Julie’s phone is a bit salty but hopefully working.

So yeah, today’s my birthday. How did you know? Oh, the heading of the post? So flashy, don’t you think?

Did I sit back and cry old tears on my 38th birthday? No. I. Did. Not.

I grabbed life by the handle bars and went biking with the crew.

Ok, so we all look kind of, incredibly dorky with our helmets (not a hint of Giselle or Leo). But safety first people. I’m not as sharp on the ole bike trail as I used to be.

Despite the fact that we were an hour late to pick up the bikes…

And then it took an additional 45 minutes to gear up.

And then it started raining.

And then Summer started crying.

And then full on tantruming.

This birthday family biking extravaganza all kind of worked out in the end and rocked.

And really tuckered us out.

This 38 year-old is headed down south to HOTlanta this week, courtesy of Graco. More later. Gotta keep you coming back.

mama bird notes

Mama bird Daphne Biener won the beautiful notecards by the 10 year-old artist Alexa Maizes. Congrats Daphne! No special treatment for Miss Contributor. Randomly picked. Mama’s promise.

This week we have a baby giveaway package for you. Two pairs of super cool Robeez shoes for boys (sizes 18 – 24 months and 20 – 24 months), an organic cotton and hemp burp cloth (amazingly stylish and practical) and the Melissa Errico “Lullabies and Wildflowers” CD. And all these goodies come in a fabulous recycled cotton tote from Joy by Mellim. Just leave a comment on the mama bird diaries this week and you are entered to win.

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