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My town has a newcomers’ club and this past weekend the club held a couples night at a local restaurant.

I told my sister I was planning to go to this couples night because Rick and I are really trying to make an effort to meet new people.

And she says, “So it’s a swingers thing?”

Yes. I didn’t mention I was into swinging now? Everybody out here does it. And you know, Rick and I just want to fit in and make friends. So what the hell! We’re in.

“Umm… no. It’s not a swingers thing. Or at least it didn’t mention that on the Evite.”

It was actually an eat Southern food and talk to strangers about your kids while you pick ribs out of your teeth thing. Swinging might have kicked the party up a notch.

The couples we met seemed so young, which probably just means we’re super old and they’re normal.

We did meet this one guy who was very friendly and fun and then he said goodbye because he and his wife were leaving.

And Rick said to me, “He seemed pretty cool. How am I supposed to get in touch with him if I want to grab a beer?”

“I don’t know. You should get his email address. He probably hasn’t left yet. Go catch him.”

And with that, Rick ran after him, sort of the way Matthew McConaughey runs after Kate Hudson in some mad dash to declare his love before she gets on a plan to Brazil or something. Except Rick didn’t have to commandeer a moped to get to the airport. He caught up with the guy before he even left the restaurant.

I respect my husband’s commitment to man dating.

A few weeks ago, Rick went out with this other guy Josh. I met Josh’s wife (and kids) through a friend and well, we sort of set up our husbands thinking they would get along.

So my husband and Josh went out one night for drinks and discussed normal guy stuff like who’s the hottest Disney princess.

Josh was an Ariel guy all the way but worried that she wasn’t legal.

And my husband was totally into Sleeping Beauty.

And yeah, sports might have come up too.

As for me, I’ve always been kind of partial to Prince Eric.

mama bird notes:

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