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It’s hard to be a baby.

Because you want to just get up and get yourself dressed and not deal with this B.S..

Cash with backward pants

That’s nearly 6 month old Cash with his pants on backwards.

So who’s to blame for this humiliating baby moment?

Here are the possibilities:

The dad: Seen here holding the baby so he’s certainly in the vicinity of the crime. And Rick did once admit to forgetting to give the kids lunch, despite eating lunch himself. So one could argue there is a pattern of questionable behavior.

The mom: Woken up at night between 5 and 6 times by children needing things so she is obviously not operating at full capacity.

The siblings: Have been known to use Cash as a play toy. Putting his pants on backwards could definitely have been an activity because “mom made us shut off the TV.”

The nanny: Cash’s grandmother has been known to hike a baby’s pants up to the armpits. Poor Harlowe is still talking about this day…


The Tommy Tom: Cash’s grandfather, although a very kind man, is not exactly a fashion icon. The backward pants could have been a style misstep from the popular child whisperer.

Bubbie & Zaydie: Cash’s other grandparents recently moved from New Jersey to Florida for the winter. Maybe backward baby pants are sweeping the North?

So who did it?

14 Responses to it’s a monday morning mystery!

  • Leigh Ann says:

    I don’t know who it was (okay, I’m going with Rick), but my favorite thing about babies and toddlers is being able to pull their pants up super high and they don’t give a you know what.

  • bitsy says:

    I’m going w/the dad. This comes from my experience as the mom of the toddler whose dad used a plastic tube (pulled from a nearby toy box) as a belt on said toddler. This unnamed child was then taken to church where I have been mocked to this day.

  • beachgirl says:

    I am going with rick..sorry rick! I LOVE the story about grandma pulling up the pants to his armpits …this seems to be an epidemic among grandparents…that with insisting they are cold and wrapping them in numerous blankets that they dont need. He still looks cute with his pants on backwards…could be a new trend called “the cash”….

  • Kerri says:

    My kids paid a lot more attention to how their siblings were dressed than their dad ever did! They didn’t want a younger sibling to make them look bad! They even had to make sure the twins wore “equally cute” outfits! My husband put one particular purple out fit on the girls-backwards- 100 % of the time!! It was passed down through all 5 girls!

  • Kira says:

    I’m going with the Dad here…. since one Dad I know always manages to wash his kids hair with conditioner and forget about the washing bit entirely!

  • Susan Kintner says:

    I think Cash looks great. Backward or high up pants are the new rage so there is a fashion plate hiding somewhere amidst the palm trees. love, mom

  • Lanie says:

    This is a tough one. Nanny is too far away (although she could have been visiting . . .). I am going to guess Tommy Tom. Love the pictures of Cash and baby Harlowe! xo

  • Tommy-Tom says:

    In my defense, I was no where near Cash on the morning in question. I’m going with Chase as more than once I’ve seen him put his pants on the same way.

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