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Ever been to a burlesque show? My husband and I had the chance this past weekend to experience the Box in New York’s East Village. This risque variety show starts with performers in ape costumes running around and humping audience members (yes, seriously) and ends with me feeling the emcee’s abs (yes, seriously). Oh, here. I’ll show you.

This guy has obviously never had a baby. Who has abs like that? Please don’t tell me your husband does.

And I… uh… noticed that this emcee had a tendency to wear his… um… his privates to the right. So I asked my husband, “Do most men have a preferred side to put their goods on?

The answer from Rick, “Yes. Definitely.” Hmm… Interesting. And you thought I only enlightened you about toxic plastics. If you have a hankering to read more about the bulge (and really, who doesn’t?) visit Memarie Lanie.

We went to the early evening “family” burlesque show (no kids invited) around 7:30 pm. The second show starts about 1:30 in the morning and apparently it’s really something to see. I’m guessing that if you are going to a show that STARTS at 1:30 AM then you don’t care if a big fake hairy ape is humping you. Or much else for that matter.

Boy, after all that… how could Father’s Day ever compete? Luckily, the girls smothered Rick with love.

Dylan’s hugs can be more like strangulation but the girl just has a big heart and a tight grip.

Sunday afternoon, I booked a sitter and took Rick (who loves all things European) to this great pub called The Molly Wee. I figured we could enjoy some relaxing alone time and savor a pint at their sweeping wooden bar.

Except we weren’t quite expecting so many Iron Maiden fans.

Apparently, Iron Maiden was playing later that evening, just up the street at Madison Square Garden.

It was fun to connect with these guys…

In case you are wondering, Rick’s the one not wearing any headgear.

And in the end, isn’t Iron Maiden what Father’s Day is all about?

mama bird notes
It’s time to announce the winners of the Lands’ End swim package. Robyn is the winner of the boy’s package. And Julie L. is the winner of the girl’s package. Please email me your address and size of your child to kelcey@mamabirddiaries.com. Congrats mamas!

If you live in New York City or plant to travel here, you must check out the awesome site Mommy Poppins. This mama knows it all when it comes to cool stuff to do with your kids in NYC.

And, of course, she just came up with another brilliant idea… The Mommy Poppins Neighborhood Guide for Families, the perfect way to find the best toy stores, parks, shopping, family friendly dining and tons of fun places to visit in each neighborhood. And it just so happens that I wrote the piece on the West Village if you feel like checking it out.

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