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I was recently watching a Michael Phelps interview on 60 minutes and by watching I mean, I walked into the room and said to my husband, “So what did Michael Phelps have to say?”

Apparently, after Beijing, he got pretty depressed. Michael Phelps. Not my husband. Rick has never competed in the Beijing Olympics. I know. This blog never stops surprising you.

Anyway, Phelps got depressed, slept a lot, smoked pot and played video games. Eventually, he got his act together and started training for the London games.

And I said to Rick (because I have a lot of insightful things to say), this is the tough part about being an athlete.

“He’s 27 years old, he’s won 16 Olympic medals and now after the London games, it’s basically time to retire. What could he possibly do that can ever compare to all that?!”

Rick agreed or maybe he was just politely nodding, hoping I’d stop talking so he focus on the television.

But then he turned to me and said, “You’re right. He peaked too early. That’s why I am going to peak late.”

“YES! Me too. I’m going to peak late too!”

It might just be the secret to happiness. Peaking late.

Of course, Phelps has apparently made about 40 million dollars in endorsements.  Which will definitely soften the blow of that “peaking early” thing I mentioned.

mama bird notes:

I am now a writer for Lifetime Moms! It’s a fabulous site and not just because that’s the network that brings me my beloved Project Runway. You can check out my first post here. It’s about the Olympics (sort of). I am very jazzed for opening ceremonies and the possibility that McDonald’s may once again introduce the Olympic champion sweet chili sauce. My Lifetime Moms’ post has nothing to do with that.

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