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I did a very quick trip to New York City this weekend. Well, as quick as it can be when you bring along these three amigos.

And by amigos, I mean people who scream at each other in the taxi because one is making some kind of beeping nose, one is sitting too close and the third is rolling the window up and then down and then up and then down.

But at least 5 minutes before we reached our destination, they would usually quiet down…

In general, we did a lot of walking and we had the chance to run into some New Yorkers walking their birds.

No, not like that. Although, cute shoes!

These were the ladies we saw walking their birds…

Yes, each carries their bird in a cage which makes me think there might be a market for a bird size Baby Bjorn.

And these two ladies (who are sisters and roommates) take the birds for walks because… and I swear this is true… “The birds like the air.”


It sort of makes me want to follow them all day with a boom box blaring out, “Wind Beneath My Wings” but I can’t handle a restrainer order right now.

And the birds are name Robyn and Poppin. Which sort of sounds like they rhyme but the sister’s names don’t rhyme because come on, that would be strange.

We all know that flying is way overrated anyway because of the delays and lost luggage issues so maybe these birds are perfectly happy being walked in their airy cages.

But in case they aren’t, the birds do get some flying time in the apartment and I heard they’ve been dying to try iFly.

And by the way, later today you’ll likely be belting out, “I can fly higher than an eagle, For you are the wind beneath my wings” in the grocery store while you try to remember why you are singing that damn Bette Midler song from 1988.

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