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After going to dinner in our neighborhood the other night, Rick and I popped by a German bar called the Lederhosen. I figured “Lederhosen” must be the name of an awesome German ale or perhaps the name of some big European soccer star but no, it just means, “leather shorts.” Oh, well, ok.

Before I go any further, I fear that I’ve given the impression that Rick and I are constantly out and about… living it up at burlesque shows, doing the safety dance in Atlantic City and putting back the pints at the Europeanthemed bars.

Let me reassure you that we have plenty of tedious, boring nights at home. Rick is shaking his head vigorously in agreement. My dear Rick – Just know that I’d rather be horribly bored with you than anyone else on this planet. Yes, if you have any friends planning their weddings, I am available to write romantic, personalized vows.

Anyway, on this particular night, we found ourselves at the Lederhosen. We had been there once before and the owner just LOVES Rick. Apparently, a big Fox 5 fan. So Rick signed something for him during our last visit and this time around, we saw this up on the wall….

Yes, Rick’s photo on display above the bar! Even more glorious, he’s right next to Kiefer Sutherland!!!! The way I see it, the producers of “24” now have no choice but to offer Rick a recurring role on the show.

I’m sure you are desperately wondering whose photo is on the other side of Rick? I don’t really know. Some football player or maybe it was soccer? There was a number on his jersey for sure.

Ok, enough of Kiefer, Rick and that guy with the number on his jersey…

Because this past weekend was Gay Pride in New York City.

We live in the West Village (the epicenter of the pride). Despite the crowds and the chaos, I love Gay Pride weekend because it’s just the kind of thing that makes New York so New York. I mean, where else can you walk down the street at 6 pm and see this…

and you know, a guy handing out fliers like this…

Those must be some pretty interesting fliers. In addition to the surplus of banana hammocks, there were also a tremendous amount of….

cops. Apparently for crowd control. Nearly naked guys are bound to draw crowds. And bloggers. And for some reason and I’m not sure exactly why, all these NYPD officers now seem enormously overdressed. Not a banana hammock or lederhosen in sight.

mama bird notes

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29 Responses to i’ll take a pint of lederhosen

  • I just don’t get why Gay Pride equates to standing around in your BVD’s with your bulges showing. Isn’t that the sort of thing that feeds into people’s homophobia, implying as it does that all that gay people are interested in is sex? Lots of it? With anyone they can find? I’m thinking they need to send a different sort of message. I have friends who are gay, and they certainly don’t live that way.

    And how did you explain that to the girls?

  • calikim says:

    I was at Gay Pride in San Francisco this weekend. The epicenter of GAY EVERYTHING!!! Anyway, I have a lot of pics like yours, the only difference are the tidy whities are missing all together and all I saw was skin. Ick!!! Keep your clothes on boys!!!

  • Pearl says:

    Husband and I went into the city (that’s what all the people around here that don’t actually live in San Francisco call San Francisco) last year not knowing we were happened to choose the day of the Gay Pride parade to do our “city shopping”. It was a day for Kodak moments indeed.

  • Jennifer H says:

    Nice how you tied in the meaning of Lederhosen with the pictures below. Surely there were some leather shorts somewhere in that group!

    So you had hot guys wearing very little, and cops in uniform. Add some firefighters to that list, and I am so coming to visit you this time next year.

  • Jacki says:

    Why is it that there are not that many good-looking straight guys? Is it because they are afraid of grooming themselves and keeping trimmed and toned??

  • kristen says:

    i was in the city on saturday and thought there were a lot of barricades up but knew the puerto rican parade had passed.

    one thing i love about NY’ers, they LOVE their news broadcasters!

  • JoLynn says:

    Now that’s some nice eye candy- too bad they’re gay!!! The first time I visited the city coming all the way from Minnesota I witnessed this parade and thought “WOW” what a city!!!

  • Abby Siegel says:

    Two things:
    1. The guy standing alone with a banana hammock can come to my neighborhood and stand around anytime.

    2. One time I saw Rick’s picture plastered all over the subway! I told randoms in the car “I was in that guy’s wedding!” Yes, I’m a freak.

  • Allison T. says:

    Man, there sure is a lot of pressure when you’re gay. Lord knows I’d never have that kind of body- they’d totally kick me out. So I guess I get the better end of the deal- I just get to admire hot guys on Kelcey’s blog. (Who cares that they’re gay?! I’m married!)

  • Deb Ringold says:

    first of all, I’m kvelling (bursting with pride) over Rick’s autographed photo. I don’t care if it is at Lederhosen. Second, how did I miss that parade when I was in the city last weekend?? I guess those guys don’t get abs like that by hanging out at Serendipity and Dylans Candy Bar. Oh well.

  • mp says:

    I’m glad our Pride festival was in a park..that we could choose not to go to..I’m not a homophobe at ALL..I have many people that I love that are gay…but sometimes the underware wearing and craziness is something that the kids don’t need to see..
    Next to Keifer..WAY cool!

  • Rhea says:

    I wonder if my small town north of Dallas would have a gay pride parade so I could enjoy some nearly naked men and banana hammocks (and frankly, men in uniform, like cops, are a turn on too!). But, I’m thinkin’ that may not go over well here.

    I used to live in Austin, and that would TOTALLY work there.

  • mackbeth says:

    Okay…I am admiring from afar I guess but at first glance I thought I saw kiefer sutherland and tom brady on the wall – Way to go Kelcey! At least Rick won’t drop you like a hot potato when you are 8 months pregnant, not even for Gisele.

  • Girl, you are so funny! You know, when I’m prancing around in my banana-less hammock, nobody takes pictures of me? The kids won’t even break out their Fisher Price cam on me! In fact, I tend to clear a room. Who said being alone is bad . . . wait, it is kinda bad . . . in a lonely, do I stink, kinda way . . . sniff, sniff

  • ewe_are_here says:

    I met a guy in my travels through europe who was planning to buy his new nephew a pair of the silliest lederhosen he could fine just so he could take pictures. πŸ˜‰

  • Aimee says:

    Look at your man up there with Jack Bauer! NOW that is like winning an Emmy! Now you two will have to make a trip to that bar often to visit the picture!
    I miss Gay Pride weekend! It brings such an energy to the city–sort of like the marathon–but a bit more….fabulous! Have you ever been to the cafe in the west village across the street from the red line subway stop and diagnal from Sushi Somba that has the HUGE peanut butter pie explosion, and a bunch of other orgasmic desserts while you can SIT outside or enjoy the funcky decor inside?! GOD I MISS that place!

  • Lanie says:

    Congratulations to Rick for his picture in the bar – how fun! A lot more skin in the gay pride parades than Mardi Gras parades and no beads but otherwise they could be interchangeable :-).

  • Valerie says:

    Just read your blog 1st time today (8/4) . . . I lived on Grove b/w Bleeker and Bedford from 93-05, and remember Pride weekend well! *sigh* I also remember what the Lederhosen site was before — a wonderful little theater, the Grove Street Playhouse, where I saw Quentin Crisp, and which used to have children’s theater matinees on weekends.

    Am enjoying your blog; currently live in Morningside Hts w/ husband & 2 y.o. son.

  • Laura says:

    Yes, the Grove Street Theatre was a wonderful little theatre! I lived right down the block from it and saw dozens of shows there over the years. As I understand it, they had a very greedy unreasonable landlord who raised their rent through the roof. As the story goes, he took advantage of the 9/11 tragedy to get them out and get a bar in there.

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