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My husband has been in Cuba covering the Pope’s visit for 40 days. Okay, it might be 5 or 6 days. The point is – I hope the Pope appreciates that I’m flying solo here. I can only assume it came up (even if briefly) during the Pope’s chat with Fidel Castro.

By the way, how ballsy is Castro that he wears his traditional tracksuit with Pope Francis…

Pope: Castro Track suit

I mean, I might have gone Nike. But Adidas is cool too.

As I’ve attempted to take care of my five children on my own (without the added comfort of a tracksuit), I’ve kept my expectations very low.

Which is good because at one point, I walked into the kitchen and my 2 year old son was guzzling maple syrup from the bottle. I mean, it was organic.

On Monday morning, I did manage to get them all out the door by 7:20 AM with no yelling. Yay for me but can you imagine if “no yelling” was a measure of success before you had children?!

I didn’t yell at my Economics professor all semester!

I took the subway home and never once yelled at all the people who were sitting down even though I had to stand!

I binge watched an entire season of The Good Wife and never yelled at the TV even thought one character got really out of line!

Of course, you wouldn’t say those things but no one goes around doing much yelling until a child says to you many times, “I know I ate my dessert but I didn’t like it so I need another one. Can I have another dessert? Can I have another dessert? Can I have another dessert? Why not? Why not? Why not?”

Also this week, I had no one to turn to and say, “Did you hear that Scott Walker dropped out of the Presidential race? Wait – who the heck is Scott Walker?”

I think he was on Happy Days. Or that might have been Scott Baio.

Now that I think about it (AKA googling) – maybe he’s the Governor of Wisconsin.

That means only 54 Republican candidates left in the race!

I did mention the big Scott Walker news to the woman who rang me up at the CVS pharmacy but I didn’t get the feeling she wanted to get into a big political discussion.

In conclusion….  tracksuits rule, I’m trying not to yell, and I now can name the Governor of Wisconsin.

6 Responses to if you see my husband in cuba, tell him to come home soon!

  • Becky says:

    You’re doing better than I am because Scott Walker is my Governor. The entire country may have not wanted him but now we have him back. And he’s gonna be pissed. Mommy Dearest here we come….

  • Steph says:

    Oh yes, it is depressing how having children lowers your standards in lots of areas (cleanliness of house, etc). You deserve an award for getting 5 kids out of the house on time by yourself with no yelling!

  • Judy P says:

    Wait, is yelling an option?! Oooh… my dentist could have used a good yelling at yesterday. And that guy too busy texting at the green light to go. And the bag boy at the grocery store who thought bananas and canned goods made for a nice combination. Anyway, I hate it when something noteworthy happens and I have no adults to talk to. I could tell my cats about Scott Walker but I don’t think they want to talk politics either.

  • Angi says:

    Don’t feel too bad. I can’t get 3 kids out of the house without yelling and my husband is right there. I need to spike my coffee more often.

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