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I recently went to a new doctor for an annual check up. I brought 8-month-old Cash with me because I think it costs like $400 an hour to leave five kids with a babysitter. Cash is a crowd pleaser and a pretty mellow baby so I knew everything would go just fine.

Except that it didn’t. He was pissed off about something and just kept crying. As a result, I was flying through all the new patient paperwork and may have inadvertently said I suffered from Joshlucasitis, a condition where you watch the movie, “Sweet Home Alabama” too many times.

I finally saw the doctor who I’m going to guess was not the social chair of her sorority. She was very serious in that “I’ve never had a lemon drop shot” kind of way. But she was nice and didn’t seem to mind the fussy baby in the room.

After the check-up, the nurse gave me one of those stylish paper shirts to wear for an EKG. I put it on and while I waited for the nurse to return, I picked up Cash because he was finding the stroller extremely unacceptable.

Have you ever seen what a baby does to paper? Not an origami butterfly if that’s what you are thinking. In mere seconds, he ripped off one of my sleeves and was diving for the other one, when I plopped him back in the stroller.

My EKG was all good and then the doctor gave me a sheet for some lab work.ย  So I shoved the sheet in my purse and didn’t really think much about it again. Until I found this a few days ago….

lab form 2

So do you think they will still take this at Quest Diagnostics?

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