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I don’t know if you heard but my friend and Mouthy Housewife partner-in-crime Marinka wrote a book. I’m pretty sure she wrote it so she could say, “Hey, Kelcey I wrote a book. Have you written a book? I don’t think so. I have.” But whatever.

Wanted: Cat is a children’s book about adopting a cat and it’s hilarious.

So I read it to my kids and then I interrogated them.


“Did you like the book?”

Dylan and Summer: “Yes!”


“Did the book make you want to own a cat?”

7-year-old Dylan: “No. Because I don’t like cats.”

4-year-old Summer: “Yes. When are we getting a cat?”


What was your favorite part?

Dylan: “When the boy was looking at his elbow and the girl was looking at the refrigerator.”

Summer: “When they adopted the cat.”


What would make the book better?

Dylan: “If it was about dogs.”

Summer: “Nothing. It’s perfect.”


As you remember, they named their adoptive cat Nicki. Did you like that name?

Dylan: “I liked it because Miss. Nicki was my preschool teacher.”

Summer: “I wish the cat’s name had been Ashley.”


18-month-olds Chase and Harlowe didn’t have that much to say about the book mostly because they were sleeping when I was reading it. Frankly, I think this book is the perfect Hanukkah or Christmas or I Just Took a Bath or I Just Hiccuped or Really For No Reason gift. Especially because it’s the first children’s book of all time to use the phrase “consumerist society.” I know. Fancy.

You can buy it here.

This post was sponsored by friendship. And cats everywhere. Especially ones named Nicki and Ashley.

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