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This is what the garage across the street from us had to say to Hurricane Sandy…

And Sandy did.

But we were enormously blessed. Not a drop of water in our home. And we have electricity. And a generator. I mean, it’s embarrassing to have this much electricity.

My heart is breaking for others whose homes and lives have been destroyed by the storm.

Thank you so much for all your good wishes, emails, texts and tweets. It was nice to know so many people were pulling for us.


18 Responses to hurricane sandy brought it

  • Alexandra says:

    Happy you’re safe, and dry.

    Heard that DustyEarthMom has 2 ft of water in her basement, but they’re all good.

    Now I’m a worry wart over MommyShorts. 38 wks PG, and haven’t heard from her yet.


    (although I am soooper excited that in a state of Frankenstorm Desperation, Marinka gave Wendi her P/W to her blog. THAT, I like verrrrry much.)

    This is gonna be good, I imagine Barry Manilow Youtube ’round the clock. Hoping she posts every 2 hrs.

  • Agent99 says:

    Just saw a post from. mommyShorts- still PG. I am so glad to hear you are dry. After last year, I was really concerned! It’s getting blustery here in the Midwest. Cannot even believe the carnage in NYC.

  • Kerri says:

    I am so glad you are all safe & didn’t have to deal with flooding. I feel so badly for those who have had their homes destroyed. A very difficult time I am sure :(. We live on higher ground & in a forest (we parked our vehicles out front to hopefully avoid trees falling on them as we have had near misses in the past or only minor damage. Our hydro flickered & went on & off a couple of times, but only for seconds. We filled up water for the toilets. Water for drinking for humans & pets & a back up container we keep in the back of our truck so we can make sure our 4 horses have water (they drink a lot!) I finally got dh to buy a generator as he still has not cleaned out the flue for the woodstove & we would have needed a generator to keep the burner going on our oil furnace. I bought a woodstove we can cook on! We also have a well so we need hydro for water & this time of the year it is not cold enough to put the food outside to keep it cold. We have extra coolers for this purpose as it has happened in the winter. We have to keep the racoons out of it as they like to hang out on our front porch. Our sump pump could be run off the generator as well & the water used if the well is not co-operating. I think we need to do a trial run of what we can do with the generator! A friend is an electrician & he can run his house & barn with his generator!! They also have an outdoor wood burning furnace to heat their hot water & home!

  • Tonya says:

    Kelcey, I’ve been thinking about you and your family all day! I’m so so glad everything is good this time!!! Yay!!

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