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Dylan wakes up this morning to tell me about her terrible sore throat. She coughs for emphasis.

I immediately give her Children’s Motrin.

Then I immediately remember there is some recall list on children’s medication.

I pull it up online and confirm that the Children’s Motrin I just gave her is indeed recalled. I have succeeded in making a parenting mistake before 6 AM.

I consider calling her pediatrician’s office to ask about the ramifications of giving recalled medicine but I decide to tweet about it instead. Mom 101 calms me by tweeting that I shouldn’t panic. She says, if anything, Dylan just got too little medicine in the dosage.  I feel better. If Mom 101 isn’t a doctor already, she should be.

“Dylan, I think you should skip camp if you’re not feeling well,” I say.

“Yes. I don’t think I should go to camp,” Dylan agrees.

“So get dressed. I’m taking you to the doctor instead.”


“Honey, if you’re sick, we just need to have the doctor check you. There are no shots or anything. She’ll just take a quick look at your throat.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I don’t want to go. My throat doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“It seriously doesn’t hurt or you just don’t want to go to the doctor?”

“It really doesn’t hurt anymore,” Dylan insists.

“Well, if your throat doesn’t hurt, then you are going to camp.”


And Dylan happily went to camp today.

As Summer pointed out, her throat got better like magic.

15 Responses to how to make your kid go to camp

  • See? Brilliant. And you thought your brain was dead b/c you just gave birth. Pshaw. That’s what the parenting books leave out: the utter necessity of bribes, threats, extortion, and little dollops of implied physical violence (IMPLIED, people, don’t freak out). Parenting & the Mafia: the unspoken connection.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    I bet if you waved the rectal thermometer at her, it would have the same results. More photos of the twins….PLEASE.

  • Elissa says:

    Hmm – sounds like we should get our girls together. My 2 year old woke up complaining of a headache this morning – said she needed to go to the doctor – even let me take her temperature. No fever but I was worried whether it was her ears – last time she had an ear infection that was her complaint. But then I told her that her friends were coming to play in the baby pool and we’d have to cancel and she suddenly felt better. But she woke up from her nap complaining that her ear hurt…I wasn’t sure if it was real or just the power of suggestion from this morning’s conversation…then she told me she needed to go to the doctor to get a lollipop to feel better. Aha! She really just wants a lollipop – and my daughter is willing to submit to go to the doctor just to get a lollipop.
    But I’m still not completely sure. So she’s having a lollipop and we have a 4:50 doctor’s appointment. She will not get a lollipop at the doctor anymore. I’m hoping this will cure my “boy who cried wolf” who probably does not really have anything wrong at all.

  • Mom101 says:

    You do not want me near a prescription pad, trust me.


    So glad that all ended well. Stupid drug recalls, panicking the crap out of everyone.

  • layla solms says:

    our son’s 1st grade teacher taught me a valuable trick years ago; when the child asks to stay home from school, ask them if they are sick enough to lay in their own bed all day with no TV and no treats. it’s magic i tell you. pure magic.

    certainly if there is a legitimate illness, we pull out all the stops: movies, special cups for ice water, etc.

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