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So we decided to vacation in Rhode Island again.

Because you now how Virginia is for lovers? Well, we heard Rhode Island is for families that have to allocate an entire duffel bag to diapers and wipes.

Just before the 3 hour drive, I saw an old college friend. And she had just driven 27 hours from Colorado with her two kids (ages 9 and 11) with no DVD player.

Apparently, they made a buttload of friendship bracelets.

I don’t know if that’s impressive or just an unnecessary form of torture.  I decided it was torture and let my kids watch videos on our measly 3 hour drive. But if I ever drive to Colorado, totally doing it electronics free.

Our week is Rhode Island, not surprisingly, was a lot of work. Because counter to what the Newport brochure promised, kids 7 and under don’t take care of themselves when on holiday. They still wanted necessities like food, water and entertainment.

My sister’s son, along with my twins, was kind of like having triplets.

I had an amazing time with my family especially listening to my sister play Journey on her guitar. And when I say that my sister played guitar, I might mean air guitar. But still, she was really good. I may just post a video.

And I do forgive everyone who let me walk around with sunscreen all over my face without notifying me that it wasn’t exactly rubbed in.

I’m not one to hold a grudge so the next day when Rick asked me if his sunscreen was rubbed in, I gave a definite, “yes.”

Well, I mean, it’s practically rubbed in.

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