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I’m still in Florida. Because I live here now. My older girls are struggling a bit with the move. Dylan says the school smells like fish so I told her to just imagine she’s visiting an aquarium. Summer liked it the first day and now hates it.

They miss their friends. I miss my friends. I went to a preschool orientation and watched all the moms talking to each other and just willed myself not to cry.

At the end of the orientation, they showed us this tear jerker YouTube clip with this woman whose kids are all grown up and she is just so sad. Have you seen it? It’s poignant and touching but it’s so depressing. Basically she is very regretful because she never appreciated the ordinary days when her kids were young. I get the message and I’m sure I’ll miss my kids like mad when they go off to college or beauty school but I couldn’t help think this woman should pick up tennis or Bingo or some kind of fulfilling hobby. God, I hope I have a hobby when my kids leave me.

But there have been some uplifting moments. Like finding out there is a nail salon here in town that is also a bar. Because everyone knows a Chardonnay buzz is just what you need when you have a freshly painted, still wet pedicure.

And that’s not all. Because I found out a friend of ours in New York got pulled over for flossing his teeth while driving. And he got a ticket. FOR FLOSSING AND DRIVING.

And then another friend sent me this…

kelcey snow storm

So that definitely helped.

Finally, I had this enormous accomplishment. I was in the grocery store with Rick, the twins and baby Cash, buying mountains of food to stock our new house. Cash was screaming like crazy. He was hungry. There was nowhere to nurse him. We had to get home to make dinner. So I put him in the Bjorn facing me and attempted to nurse him while I grocery shopped.

I have a friend in New York who used to do this trick with her baby but she’s super athletic and probably competes in Bjorn nursing competitions or something. But I had never attempted such a thing.

But you know what? It worked. I don’t know how. But it did.

I’m thinking that if I can nurse a baby while grocery shopping with my 3-year-old twins, I can probably do anything. Like maybe even adjust to life in Florida.

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15 Responses to hey, it’s me. still in florida.

  • Laurie says:

    Frankly, as a parent of grown kids who have finally emerged from the “dark side”, I think your blog captures “the gift of an ordinary day” much better. Wish you had been around when I needed you–had to rely on that box of Franzia in the frig. instead.

  • George says:

    It really takes some time to adjust to a new place. Once you are there for a while and then go back to N.Y. for a visit you will be happy to go back to Florida. (I think).

  • Lauren says:

    I totally understand, the humidity makes everything smell down south πŸ™ I am super impressed – you should be in some shopping Olympics. There is no way I could nurse a baby in a Bjorn AND manage twins! Impressed. You’ll feel better when you are wearing flip flops 11 months out of the year. πŸ™‚

  • Christine says:

    On a side note, as a girl from Georgia, Dylans school smells like fish because of the trees. Dogwood trees maybe? I always remember my school smelling like fish. It’ll go away once winter hits, because down south, we don’t have fall or spring. Only really hot and kinda cold.

    Drinking counts as a hobby, right?

  • Becky says:

    Lady, if you can nurse standing up and WALKING not to mention the grocery store with twins, you win everything! YOU WIN ALL THE THINGS! Including making many new great friends in Florida. If not, you always have us!

  • daphne says:

    You win the grocery gold. Now you just need to be careful that all the new friends that are sure to flock to you in FL aren’t only doing so because of your amazing skills.

  • jennifer says:

    i am so happy for your accomplishment… when my second child was a few weeks old i was on pie duty for thanksgiving… i remember so clearly rolling out the crust and nursing him at the same time… i felt like i had done something amazing… although i was a little worried my out of control nipples might start spraying breast milk on the crust. ah, memories.

  • MN Mama says:

    You are seriously an amazing woman! You have some serious mommy nursing skills! I will be thinking of you….give yourself and other lots and lots of grace during this time. Hang in there!

  • I felt a little sad reading this. Until I got to the part about you nursing. Then I felt a little impressed. I know you’ll adjust and eventually thrive, but still… Wow, this is an encouraging comment, huh?

  • Steph says:

    Wow, nursing while grocery shopping with twins earns you a mommy award! on a different note, your willing yourself not to cry brought tears to my eyes. No doubt you will soon bond with other awesome women worthy of your wit (and “spare” time). In the meantime, please be very kind to yourself because you have a serious amount on your plate now. p.s. when your older girls complain just tell them to complain to Rick bc it was his job that caused the move:)

  • Michelle says:

    I would totally be your friend! I wish you were closer (I’m like an hour and a half north of you). Chase and my Wyatt would be best friends in like no time! I promise you by this time next year you will love it. I moved from PA a year ago and let me tell you, January-March is HEAVEN!

  • Franny says:

    Ugh! That picture of shoveling snow has me
    Dreaming of Florida ! In no time you guys will OWN that place! Don’t forget to sunblock. XXX

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