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Happy Family badgeDid you wake up today and think, “I’d really like to see improv actors perform funny moments from Kelcey’s life?”

Oh, you woke thinking you’d like to see a bucket of money in your laundry basket instead of the same clothes you keep forgetting to throw in the washing machine? Hmm.. I don’t have any money for you but I do have that previously mentioned video!

Happy Family, a yummy organic food company, asked me to share some funny food stories and then these very talented performers acted them out right in front of me.

I shared a lot of things like how my daughter Dylan was convinced that the chicken she ate for dinner was completely different from those animals that live on farms. And how my kids went through a stage where everything they ate was frozen (which is actually a real time saver!)

Anyway, here’s what happens when a blogger goes to Brooklyn, divulges details about her family to a whole bunch of strangers who then use these stories for comedic material…

No, I’m not bloated. I’m pregnant people! I mean, not anymore. Now I look bloated.

You can even share your funny story about trying to feed your kids for a chance to win $20,000 towards college. See, there’s the money you were looking for! Just click here for more details on how to enter.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine (yes, the bloated one).

5 Responses to happy family: the video!

  • Steph says:

    Love the improv! I totally get the kid-food problem. Before having children I enjoyed cooking if I had the time (though never enjoyed clean up). They have ruined it for me. One likes potatos and one likes rice. one will eat fish the other not. I have read about not being a short order cook and agree with it as a rational person but as a mom I want my kids to eat nutritious food. Thanks for the smiles.

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