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Last night was Halloween in my town. I know. Belated.

We couldn’t celebrate it on October 31st because of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and “downed power lines that could be live.” Honestly, it’s like we are all a bunch of pansies now. Back when I was a kid, we would have done double dutch jump rope with those wires.

Okay, I would have been hiding at home watching “Eight is Enough.” Whatever.

I though everyone around here would be really jazzed to trick or treat but I swear, there was a groan across the whole town. I guess somewhere between Hurricane Sandy, the Nor’easter and Thanksgiving being two weeks away, everyone lost their Halloween mojo.

And of course the inconvenient fact that most of us had already wolfed down our candy stock after Halloween was originally canceled.

8-year-old Dylan immediately asked if she could trick or treat without a costume. Because as we all know, it’s back breaking work to put on a hippie outfit. I explained that it is in poor taste to beg for candy without the minimal effort of a costume, so in the spirit of high fructose corn syrup, she relented and got dressed up.

Rick definitely needed a pick me up because Dylan came home this weekend from a Build-A-Bear party with a bear named Christmas. Now we have an interfaith family but Dylan is being raised Jewish so I’m guessing someone is definitely going to Hebrew school next year.

We ventured out to trick or treat at 5 pm and by 6:23 pm, my kids were all sitting on the couch completely exhausted. But we had a lot fun!

Especially 2-year-old Chase who managed to chew gum for 2 hours without anyone noticing and went to bed tightly gripping a bag of peanut M&M’s.


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