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The pediatrician told me to bring Chase and Harlowe into the office for a weight check.

But I forgot about the appointment. So when did I realize this?

A few hours after the appointment time? No.

A few days later? No.

EIGHT days later? Yes.  That’s right.  It took me an entire eight days to realize that I had never brought my premature newborns to the pediatrician. Even God works faster than that.

Thankfully, their weights are great. 7 week-old Harlowe is now just over 7 lbs and Chase is nearly 9 lbs. I frankly think it’s mostly his head but the important thing is that he’s growing. Somewhere.

The doctor says I can now let the twins sleep up to 5 hours without feeding at night. I just need someone to tell Chase and Harlowe that because they don’t seem to really be in the loop.

I’ve love to get a little more sleep.   Or to put it another way, I am completely desperate to get a break from the crippling, nauseating, overwhelming sleep deprivation. So I tried putting the twins in car seats last night. And they did sleep a bit longer.

Rick and I are considering sleeping in car seats too.

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking a lot about overnight camp.  Rick has always been a huge proponent of overnight camp but I never really understood the concept.

Why should I send my kids to overnight camp someday when they can go to a nice day camp and then I can check on them at night. Are camp counselors going to peek in and make sure my girls haven’t run away in the middle of the night to follow Taylor Swift around the globe? Oh I doubt it.

But now with four kids in the house, I’m thinking overnight camp might be a nice break for Rick and me.  A chance for us to reconnect, go out to dinner and get some alone time. So we’re searching for camps that take newborns. Surprisingly, this seems to be an untapped market.

Thankfully we have Dylan and Summer always assisting us with childcare…

I am so glad there is someone around to brush Harlowe’s locks.  There is nothing worse than a baby with unkempt hair.

29 Responses to guess the weight of my babies

  • anonymous pediatrician says:

    Hi Kelcey,

    No judgement, really. I was barely sane with one newborn, I cannot imagine two. And while I can empathize, I’d also like to say: please don’t put your little ones to sleep in carseats unless they’re actually in the car. The head position makes it easier for them to obstruct their airway and it can increase your risk of SIDS. And your children are beautiful and we all want to see them grow and read about their misadventures.

  • Tara says:

    so happy the girls are taking care of his hair for you….and sleepaway camp?? BLISS!!!! I think newborns should definitely be allowed!

  • Diane says:

    Wow – never heard about airway obstruction and SIDS from car seats. Thinking of all the hours my kids snoozed in their seat while I was shuttling my older kids to their activities and camps. Does that mean you should keep child awake in car? Prayers for some sleep soon. This will all be a memory soon – but what great digitial archives you will have to remember!

  • A friend’s babies slept ONLY in their car seats on top of the dryer (which had to be on). Something about the warm vibrations of the dryer reminded them of being in the womb, I guess–a lovely image for the post-partum mom, right? You = General Electric Dryer. Only in desperate times do we recommend putting the babies IN the dryer, however. Although it does do great things in terms of hair fluffing.

  • Caren Solomon says:

    So glad to hear they are at good weights! For what its worth, both of mine were just over 7lbs at full term. I had seriously hoped to be delivering 35 lb. babies but no such luck.

  • kt says:

    get a postpartum doula to come over for a few nights…she’ll take over for a few nights so you can get some sleep. my doc said if you can get 4 nights of at least 5 hours of sleep each, you’ll be feeling like a million! good luck!

  • traci says:

    HOLD THE PHONE?! Car seat positions aid in airway obstruction?! Somebody better alert Graco and the AAP. And the other 44 billion parents who put their babies in infant carriers everyday and let them fall asleep.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Car seats allow a baby’s head to fall forward; thus obstructing the air passage. Don’t believe me? Ask my friend Helene whose grand-daughter Alexis was rushed to hospital when she stopped breathing as an infant in the car seat and her head fell forward. Solusion is to place them on a backward slant in the seats; so they can’t fall forward. Love the photos…

  • anna see says:

    Beautiful pics of your sweet babies. I had a friend who had a baby nurse for her first. i judged her and envied her at the same time. now, i think she had a great idea!

  • anna see says:

    Okay, my comment made no sense and was a little freaky. It may have seemed like I meant a wet nurse, which I totally didn’t! I meant she paid to have a night nurse look after her baby while she slept.

  • dEbbie says:

    Get as much sleep as you can. When my twins were babies, I felt sleep deprived and in a zombie state for a year. ANd I had to get up every morning to go teach school – Chemistry. I hate thinking about what I forgot to teach those kids…..

  • Jennifer says:

    oh my word, your children are so beautiful. i thought maybe sleep deprived, you weren’t sure, but im telling you, they are stinking beautiful.

  • I think our best strategy would be to round up all night-camp-underage-kids and their bubbies, and organize a camp for all of them together. You can count on bubbie to check on the little ones about a dozen times a night. If you do that, I’m totally in!

  • Elissa says:

    i don’t know how you’re doing it with 2 newborns and 2 toddlers. i have a 2.5 year old and a 2 month old. i finally got around to ordering birth announcements for the 2nd one when he was 8 weeks old. i just put stamps on them this morning. my husband then called to tell me he brought one to work to show off – and it says he was born in march – when in fact he was born in may. oops! oh well – stamps are on and they are still going in the mail this afternoon. if i didn’t notice maybe no one else will.

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