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I came home early from the Jersey shore to attend a 40th birthday party (You know, I don’t appreciate all these people who turn 40 after me. I must find older friends so I can feel young and sprightly).

I initially drove off with my car keys and Rick’s car keys which would have made it very difficult for him to get home with the kids but I’m thinking he could have just hitchhiked or something. After circling around the block and returning his keys, I was on my way!

Then I realized I forgot my sunglasses but luckily found a pair of my daughter’s Dora sunglasses in my purse.

Can you believe I put on lip gloss to take a picture of myself wearing Dora glasses?!

Then I stopped for gas.

And then a Starbucks latte.

And then I really was on my way!

About 22 minutes into the drive, I called Rick to notify him that driving is so boring.

A few minutes later, my babysitter (who was at my house at the time) called to say she smelled gas. Suddenly my ride was less dull.

I told her to call the fire department.

And to take photos of any hot firemen. You know, as long as she wasn’t in any danger.

Three firetrucks, 2 police units and the gas company apparently arrived at my house. And they did indeed find a gas leak. Because SOMEONE* did not shut off the burner completely on the stove.

Since our house had been completely closed for two days, gas built up and fire fighters had to use a ventilator to remove the gas.

My babysitter sent me this picture…

That is not a photo of a hot firefighter.  I fired my babysitter immediately for her shoddy work (or she might  be leaving at the end of week to go back to school).

As it turns out there were no hot firefighters. My babysitter described them as “just a bunch of older guys” and I started to imagine senior citizen firemen but then realized they were all probably about my age.

*SOMEONE who did not shut off the burner completely = probably me.

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