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I was a little hesitant about going see the Neil Diamond cover band because I really didn’t think I knew a lot of his songs. Rick assured me I did.

And it turns out, I absolutely didn’t. I had a very deprived childhood, with no access to “The Jazz Singer.”

But Rick and my friend Meredith seemed to know quite a few…

I think they might start following the band. And don’t you wish you could see that guy in the mesh-like blue sequin top a little better?

Oh there you go.

But what I missed in Neil Diamond, I totally made up in Justin Bieber.

We’ve never really taken the girls to a movie because those Disney flicks scare them.  Someone always dies or takes out a shotgun or makes evil cackling noises.  I once brought them to an IMAX movie called “Into the Deep” or something like that about under water animals.  It basically started with haunting music and creatures eating each other for food. 4 minutes later, Dylan demanded we leave.

Enter Justin Bieber.

Never Say Never: The Director’s Fan Cut.

And did I mention 3D?

Ok. Hear me out on this. Justin Bieber is actually quite talented. I swear. And I thought he was all about the hair. Although the movie feels like a promotional film, it’s also very sweet, funny at times and even inspiring. I now dream of being a 16-year-old pop star. Hey, Justin says, never say never.

You do have to sit through some scenes of J.B. shirtless which feels somewhat wrong and footage of throngs of teenage girls who are absolutely going to die if they don’t marry Bieber.

Gosh, is no one into Shaun Cassidy anymore?

While 6-year-old Dylan never budged during the entire flick, 4-year-old Summer got a little restless.

“I’m thirsty mommy,” she said.

“Not now honey. We’ll get water in a little bit.”

“But I’m really thirsty.”

“Sweetie, we’re going to miss Jaden Smith. Look he’s dancing with J.B.”

“I’m hungry too.”

“Honey, you just had a hot dog and popcorn. You’re fine.”

“But I’m still thirsty.”

“Shhh… He’s singing ‘Baby.'”

At one point in the evening Summer said to me, “I heard on the radio that there are tickets to Lady Gaga. We should go see Lady Gaga.”

Teen pop stars just aren’t her thing yet.

Clearly, she’s more of a meat dress kind of girl.

20 Responses to from super diamond to the beliebers

  • The blue-sequin shirt guy is scaring me. Also? You have totally drunk the Bieber Kook-Aid. Which maybe I should try, if it gets kids to sit through an entire movie. You could be on to something…

  • Nancy Walton says:

    I have said from the first time I saw him on an awards show that this kid has talent! The recent issue of Vanity Fair (the one with him on the cover) has a good interview by Lisa Robinson, who usually sticks to serious rock and roll icons to write about I think I knew he was someone to keep an eye on when I saw his sketch with Tina Fey as his teacher on SNL. “Pretty Lady With The Brown Eyes” was the song he sang to her in her fantasy. All of the above is what I’m going to use to justify that I’m going to see his movie, too. That and your post, of course!

  • Ann's Rants says:

    Best post title ever.

    You might be the only person I’ve ever encountered brave enough not to pretend they don’t know every one of Neil Diamond’s songs when they go see a Neil Diamond impersonator.

  • Jordana Bales says:

    Your days of being a 16-year old pop star are gone – but Chase – he’s got the world in front of him – start working it, Mama! (He even has the pop star name)

  • annie says:

    Oh I’m so thankful none of my kids like JB – especially a shirtless JB. Ewww! My oldest is currently into all things 80’s so i get to listen to all my fav. songs from high school. It’s kinda cool.

  • Adil says:

    That movie is totally Bieber propaganda, and it really made me a fan! I’ve got one of those scaredy-kids that can’t watch disney movies, also. And this such was a perfect first movie for her. I took my 6 year old (the chicken), my 3 year old, and their 7 year old cousin. And a good time was had by all (although the little one did ask me to “change the channel” a couple times!). I’ll never say never again. Ha!

  • misty says:

    He is seventeen now… it’s not his fault he still looks 12…

    But honestly, I was the mom drug along to this movie, dressed in reluctance and self pity.
    Also the mom who came screaming, from the theater, urging her friends to ALL RUSH OUT AND GET TICKETS to see it…
    I’m flexible like that…

  • johanna says:

    wow, that blue shirt is scary.

    i hope JB wears out before my girl even learns of him. he weirds me out for some reason.

  • Beth says:

    I totally got dragged to the Justin Bieber movie with a gang of girls…kicking & screaming the whole way! While I can’t say I’m a total Belieber…I did appreciate him a little more after seeing the “film.” And now “Baby” is burned into my brain whether I like it or not!

    BTW…so glad I’m not the only one who was creeped out by his shirtless self…I think he’s a bit too skinny for that just yet and my girls are just too young to see it! (14 & 12 yrs…they’ll always be too young to see that)! ;D

  • Tonya says:

    I’m with Summer. While Bieber is talented, Gaga is definitely more interesting. I’d wager your 4 yr old will be attending Harvard in a few years, although, she’ll be bothering the professors for hot dogs and water.

  • Cool Dad says:

    While not a fan of his music, I’ve got no hate for the Biebs. He’s talented and seems to mean well, even if he might flip the occasional bird.

    And I love me some N. Diamond, too.

  • GrandeMocha says:

    I had a Shaun Cassidy tshirt and one or two albums. I’ll bet they are in my parents parents basement.

  • magpie says:

    OMG, that blue shirt is unbelievable.

    I’d sooner take the 7yo to Gaga than Bieber. Though I’m not going to let her see the new music video.

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