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I don’t know how you eat but this is how I eat way too many meals…

KK eating in corner

Hunched over in a corner of my kitchen trying to shovel back anything I can find before one of the children notices me and demands something.

And trying to figure out what exactly to eat is incredibly taxing on my brain. Coming up with 3 meals a day for my kids must take all my available food memory.

But then I got a visit from some kind of food angel because DeliverLean, a South Florida healthy meal delivery service, wanted to bring me gourmet meals for 5 days.

Bring it on! I’ll eat anything!! Especially if I don’t have to cook it.

But these meals are SERIOUSLY GOURMET. Take a look at the shrimp putanesca with carrot spaghetti and braised rapini…

kk shrimp dinner

Photo Credit: Me! Just before I ate the whole thing. Yum!

If I ordered this at a restaurant on a Saturday night, I would have been happy. It was that good.

They have meals like balsamic marinated chicken with baby zucchini and squash. And turkey bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with fig chutney, orange srirachi butternut and shitake. You don’t even have to know what srirachi is to love it. (It’s chili sauce so you can impress your foodie friends.)

My husband tried many of the meals too and this was one of his comments….

“The vegetables are so good. Tender and delicious. Just perfect.”

Thank you honey! You’re tender and delicious too!

Oh wait, I think he was talking about the vegetables.

DeliverLean also has organic cold-pressed juices by OnJuice and healthy vegan snacks. Like OMG I wanted to marry the gingerbread kale chips they were so delicious…


There are also desserts like a chocolate mint tart or this super delish raw vegan coconut vanilla tart…

vanilla tart

The meals come in plastic containers. If it needed heating, I simply put it on a plate and heated it in the microwave (because I don’t like to reheat in plastic containers). The only thing I can’t rave about are the breakfast meals that featured eggs because I find eggs are really hard to reheat perfectly.

DeliverLean has 6 meal plans to choose from, including Traditional, Paleo /Low-Cal, Organic Protein, Gluten Free, Vegetarian or Vegan. Each meal has 300 to 400 calories with a balance of lean protein, complex carbs, healthy fats and fresh fruits and vegetables.

You can also mix and match plans. Plus you can tell them the foods that you are allergic to or just really can’t stand (like beets might not be your jam, you know?)

Meal plans start at $8.95 per meal and are delivered right to your door before you even wake up which is almost ridiculously convenient.

This really is a fantastic food plan if you are trying to lose weight, if you are a crazy parent who is tired of eating fattening leftover chicken nuggets off your kids’ plates or for people who are  just busy with work and life and don’t have time to think about meals.

So if you live in South Florida and find yourself eating cereal hunched over in the corner of your kitchen – then try DeliverLean. And this is the best part –  you’ll get 3 FREE days when you sign up for the 4 week plan by clicking here

deliverlean banner

This is a sponsored post for DeliverLean. All ideas are my own. 


5 Responses to finally, someone delivers gourmet food to my door!

  • Princess Judy says:

    I want delivered to my house! I don’t want to relocate to South Florida though. Someone get on that for South Arizona.

  • Angi says:

    The moving truck arrived today. Maybe this is a better alternative to unpacking my kitchen… Which I can’t find under the boxes anyway! S. Fl. is looking better and better!

  • Karen says:

    Nice to hear about your delivery food! Weston is like that. Is your site for those who can afford or others? Just asking. I like your spunk and content. And I am a Fox follower and am familiar with your husbands work. I am developing a website founded on positive psychology and gratitude. Should I recommend you?

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