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It’s time for another edition of “I have four kids, let’s see what they are up to!”

In this installment, Chase and Harlowe are drawing.  But wait – that sounds super boring. Oh Kelcey, why would I possibly watch this video?!

Because I aim to deliver entertainment over here and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Plus, it’s only 43 minutes long!

Okay, it’s just over a minute.

Look at all the time we are wasting. You probably have Thanksgiving preparations to tend to so just watch it and then you can go brine your turkey.

By the way, I have no idea what it means to “brine a turkey.”

19 Responses to deep thoughts by chase

  • Kerri says:

    LOOK OUT! He already has the power! The power to make it look like he really cannot hear you because he is “contemplating” something when actually he can totally hear you & is having fun listening to you say his name over & over again! I caught his subtle changes in facial expression. He was thinking…but still listening…”So, is mom going to keep talking or is she going to walk over here & take my crayon? Hmmmm…” Seven kids, 14+ foster children 10 + day-care children over the years & I usually have kids’ body & facial language figure out…at least in that moment. Oh yeah, our pets do it too! So does the husband. Needless to say I don’t sit down much! Thanks for continuing to share the videos. The twins keep getting cuter & I love the reminder of how cute they were at 18 mos now that my bio twin girls are 11 yrs old & during those moments when they are being “cattier” than the cats; it is nice to remember back to when they were younger (the kids not the cats)!

  • Jenn says:

    I loved the contemplative look. The meaning of Life, the Universe, and everything was contemplated, measured and forwarded to Douglas Adams in those short seconds.

  • Valerie says:

    This was so cute! It provided me a laugh this morning. I love how Harlowe disappears as you’re trying to get Chase to get the crayon out of his mouth. The only coloring my twin boys (now 21 mo) want to do is on my kitchen chairs while my daughter (6) tries to get her homework done.

  • Ann says:

    I am laughing out loud and pretty hard over here. I love this. I even watched the whole thing, which is wayyyyy past my :15 second screen threshold.

  • jean says:

    Forever=About 30 seconds….I love it when he takes the crayon from his mouth, still contemplating the universe in the distance, and just taps the wet crayon on the paper…Yeah, mom, see I’m drawing…I’m drawing…really I am!

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose? says:

    What flavor was that crayon, Chase made it look ‘yummy’. Can’t wait to see what he puts in his mouth at Thanksgiving Dinner; ‘anything but food’…Where are you going and are you bringing a Crayon Casserole for the kids to eat?

  • Lanie says:

    I checked and Fletcher is totally willing to share his other name “take it out of your mouth” with Chase.

    Chase has been the star of the first 2 editions of “I have four kids, let’s see what they are up to!” – just pointing out what you already know – and asking if there is some gender discrimation going on. I will consult my labor & employment attorney.

    P.S. All he had to add was that brine means to soak in salt water. . .

    Miss you all! xoxoxo

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