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Sharing does not come naturally to most people. Especially to children who really really like their new toys.

Despite the fact that Santa was smart enough to bring my 4 year old son Chase some of the same exact toys as his cousin Matej, there was still a lot of this….

boys fighting over toys 1

And some of this…

boys fighting 2

Like about 17 times a day.

When my son Chase wasn’t fighting over toys, he was planning his strategy on how to swipe a certain toy out of his cousin’s hands or wracked with paranoia that Matej might be plotting the same kind of toy stealing counter attack against him.

(Man, the holidays are draining.)

But at least at night, when they slept soundly with visions of sugar plums and lightsabers in their heads, they knew their toys were put away, safe and untouched.

You know, unless the adults got ahold of them…



guitar playing

sword fighting

We could totally be wine swigging Jedi knights.

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