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Yesterday, Rick and I took our kids to the New York City marathon.

I was hoping to actually run but then Rick told me that you have to do things like “train” and “sign up ahead of time.” Every time I get geared up to finally exercise, that guy just stomps on my enthusiasm.

For a little bit, we shouted out random names of runners and clapped enthusiastically as they jogged by but I can tell you from years of watching the marathon, this is a lot more fun if you’ve had a few cocktails.

Eventually we meandered up First Avenue and that’s when I saw him.

My sports crush – Apolo Anton Ohno.

With his bandana!

Eating a sandwich!


It’s nice to know that Apolo is making smart, fresh food choices, even when he’s on the go.

7-year-old Dylan: “Mommy, why are you taking that picture? Who is that?”

Me: “That is a very talented speed skater named Anton. Or maybe his first name is Apolo. It’s hard to remember exactly. But he’s very talented.”

Husband Rick: “Is that why you made me take that photo? Because he is such a talented skater.”

Me: “Exactly.”

And yes, I could have shown you a lot of cool, inspiring photos from the marathon but instead I chose a photo of me with a cheesy Subway ad. I mean, anyone could have shown you all those runners.

mama bird notes:

I would like to introduce a new feature today called…

“I Have Four Kids, Let’s See What One of Them is Doing!”

First up: Chase.

24 Responses to celebrity sighting at the nyc marathon

  • Maggie says:

    I love how when he realizes he needs both hands to get out – he throws down his ball as if it offends him. Then walks away from the chaos of fallen boxes as if they don’t exist.

    Too adorable!

    • Becky says:

      We had to get rid of our lazy Susan. My mother-in-law (named Susan) hated it every time I would mention it. Funny how I only saw fit to mention it when *she* was around.

  • Meg D says:

    This is awesome video. Chase is ready for college in the prans department at least. And am I really tardy to the party or is it hilariously appropriate that he is named Chase since that is what you have to do with him 24/7?

  • OMG!!! I laughed so hard, i also have four children and appreciate you being so nonchalant with finding your child in the lazy susan. My youngest (10months) was in the bathroom with me today while I got ready and apparently was chewing on some toilet paper. My husband walks in and says Hayden what do you have in your mouth and pulls it out. I said its not gonna kill him. Apparently he thinks I should not let our children chew on toilet paper. Wheewww good to know!

  • Tonya says:

    You should be allowed to run along with the runners! Darn that Rick always keeping you down!
    I LOVE this new feature! I also love that Chase is so blase (accent on the e) about the lazy susan ride. He’s like “what else have we got? I feel the need…the need for speed.”

  • Lanie says:

    I will run with you Kelc. 🙂 xoxo

    Can’t wait to see the next episode of “I Have Four Kids, Let’s See What One of Them is Doing!”. Who will be the next star?

    I have often thought I should rename Fletcher to “take that out of your mouth.”

  • kb says:

    did you see apollo in the flesh at the marathon? he was one of the 47 zillion runners yesterday morning. saw him being interviewed pre-race. i didn’t you know you were into the headband/wrap look on dudes. xoxo

  • Just wait until Chase is smart enough to shut the lazy susan door behind him and hide for hours consuming the entire box of Kashi!

    Today my 9 year-old stepson asked why my husband’s wireless [computer] mouse was in the refrigerator (along with a duplo car). Completely normal question in my house, which is scary.

    We’re assuming the almost two year-old twins relocated them there because two of the last three apples were also missing and the third apple had a little bite out of it…which means they can definitely open the refrigerator door…

    I’m sure they’d have awesome playdates with Chase. The three of them could convince Harlowe how much fun it truly is to be naughty.

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