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Yesterday I was walking down Bleeker Street and I saw a van make a super speedy left hand turn, almost running into a pedestrian trying to cross the street.

“Hey man, watch where you are going!! I have the right of way you jerk,” the pedestrian yelled.

“You’re a dick,” the driver shouted back.

So I guess the New York City Barack buzz has officially worn off.

Heck, all the smiling, pleasantries and feel good energy between strangers was getting tiresome anyway.

So now that I’m not obsessively phone banking, pouring over polls and stressing like a mad woman, I can actually focus on other issues… like Summer’s tattoos.

Two weeks ago, we went to a princess party and both Dylan and Summer got Cinderella tattoos.

Dylan’s tattoo washed off in about 24 hours.

Summer’s? Still perfectly fixated to her arm after TWO WEEKS. Despite aggressive scrubbing.

Now I didn’t actually see Summer get her tattoos which leads me to believe that maybe they had some actual seedy tattoo parlor in the back room of this so-called “Princess Party.”

And I don’t have a big beef with Cinderella, but I think Summer might start getting ridiculed by her classmates if these suckers don’t come off by middle school.

Nearly 2 year-old Summer seems completely unfazed. Sort of surprising because this is the same girl who changes her shirt and pants about 364 times a day because she has found some kind of imperfection or water droplet. (Did you notice that subtle shout out to Obama’s 364 electoral votes? I’m in political withdrawal people).

Anyway, I just want you to know I’m now focusing 364 percent on my kids. Those days of letting Summer eat her lunch, while standing at the counter in my high heels, just so I can grab a few minutes to check Real Clear Politics, are so over.

Well, this was yesterday. But totally the last time.

mama bird notes;

See if you can find me celebrating the Obama victory on New York Insider TV. Umm…. I might be the one wearing those flashy Obama glasses on my head. Listen, those glasses have a very short shelf life. I mean, how long is it acceptable to go around wearing them post election day?

Are you trying to be a little greener and use less paper towels? I’ve got an idea for you. Click on drooling over this to read more.

A friend has asked for prayers for a 5 year-old boy recently diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. So please send your love and prayers to Max.

Finally, we have a little giveaway this coming week, thanks to a cool site called Psychobaby (funky, fun clothing, accessories and other stuff for newborns to age 8). We are giving away…

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To enter the giveaway… Just leave a comment this week on the mama bird diaries. Try to mention the word UGLY so I know you’re really in love with these guys. Good luck mama birds.

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