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My girls have wanted a bunk bed for a long time. Or as my mother calls it, a “double decker.” Which sounds more like a huge ass cheeseburger or a New York City tour bus but whatever. The point is – they wanted one.

And we FINALLY ordered it.

4-year-old Summer was there when we picked it out but I couldn’t wait to tell 6-year-old Dylan as soon as she got home from school.

“Dylan, guess what you’re getting?!!!” I said enthusiastically (in case you missed the exclamation points).

“A fish?” she asked.

“Nope. A bunk bed!!!! Isn’t that so00000 cool?!!” (More enthusiasm from me.)

“Am I getting a fish too?”

Thank you Dylan. Thank you for sucking the joy out of that gift.

But the girls are pretty excited about their new sleeping situation…

Except both of them refuse to sleep on the top.

Dylan is supposed to be on top but she’s too scared.

Then Summer volunteered but then she got too scared.

So maybe we can put a fish bowl up there.

mama bird notes:

Thanks to all of you, we raised $450 for the Red Cross’ efforts in Japan!!  Thank you so much to pure t and glassybaby for generously joining me in this fundraising effort.  And I was so overwhelmed by all of your beautiful, inspiring and supportive comments. I wanted to share a few that meant so much to me….

“Thanks, Kelcey, from a reader in Japan. Although I was in Tokyo at the time of the quake and still am, I was and continue to be shaken by the ongoing experience. Aftershocks are keeping us on edge, and many evacuees primarily in the northeast are still left without access to the food, water, gas and other supplies they desperately need. The Tokyo metropolitan area is experiencing scheduled blackouts — reportedly for the first time since World War II — to cut back on the amount of power we use, what with a nuclear power plant now malfunctioning. It’s been an experience, to say the least, and it’s comforting to know that we are not trying to go at this all on our own.”

“Thank you for doing this-with family in Japan who have been affected by the quake and tsunami it has been upsetting to see the slow response for fundraising. They need all the help they can get-this is a great idea! I truly enjoy reading your blog and it makes me feel like someone else “gets” it!”

“My sister and I read your blog continuously and it has provided much laughter for us during this time. Our brother, a Naval Commander of the helicopter squadron at Atsugi is running continual missions for Operation Tomodachi. And as we watch from afar with immense pride but stomach-wrenching fear, we appreciate the help and support for these people. My brother’s comment on the situation was, “I’ve seen things that have made me question if there is a God.” And while relieved and grateful that his wife and children have been able to finally evacuate, they leave with some guilt and a heavy heart. They have an escape….the Japanese do not. This is their life, this is their home. I appreciate your support of Japan, especially when there is a misconception among some that because Japan is a first-world front runner, they can sort this out themselves. They are determined people but even the best of us need the compassion and help of others at times. Thank you for this support!!!”

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