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It definitely takes a certain boldness to change your child’s name at eight months-old. It makes for great cocktail conversation I can tell you that. We attended a few parties this weekend and ran into some acquaintances and old friends. Nothing makes an ordinary, “how are the kids?” conversation take a fun turn than telling someone that your daughter “Presley” is now “Summer.”

summer-surprised.jpgIt’s been an interesting progression since we nicknamed her Summer two months ago. Many people were surprised and fascinated by the development (meaning, they thought we were a little crazy). For a while, no one felt comfortable calling her anything so I heard a lot of “the baby.” But the more we called her Summer, the more others gave it a try. I applaud our friends and family for making the switch. It’s not easy. We know that. My husband Rick is still referred to as “Ricky” by anyone who knew him in high school or his early years. Our 3 year-old Dylan still refers to Summer as Presley but I’m guessing as time goes by, that will fade.

We have no regrets. She is completely Summer. We will likely legally change her name before her 1st birthday rolls around. She, of course, will get older and someday (as hard as it is to imagine right now), she and her friends will talk about their names. You know the, “If I was a boy, my name would have been Finn” or “I always wanted my name to be Jennifer” conversations. And I guarantee you, Summer will have one of the best stories to tell. It will definitely be a good one for cocktail parties.

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5 Responses to becoming summer (Or…yes, we really did change our kid’s name)

  • francine Kasen says:

    Maybe you can get YOUR name changed to Folbaum at the same time you get Summer's name legally changed. Just a thought. My daughter is named Jenny. People always would ask "is it Jennifer?" and I would say, "no, her name is just Jenny" She told me years later that for a while she thought her name was "Just Jenny".

  • Jennifer Poma says:

    A beautiful name for an absolutely beautiful girl! think it's brilliant that you guys are changing her name to a name you truly love.
    On another note, love all the chatter about TV shows, since most of us with wee ones are home in the evenings watching the tube–next to 30 Rock my fave is Ugly Betty! You have to rent the first season if you are not addicted…it is a blast!

  • Kristin Kutscher says:

    I feel for Rick. My childhood friends and some family members call me Krissy, my college friends call me Kris, but for my adult life I am mostly Kristin. And Kristin Kutscher I must add, since I got married at 30 and didn't see the need to change my name since I had the same one for the first 30 years of my life.
    Summer is a lovely name, and she will love it, and I think it suits her (not that I didn't like Presley). Above all, you need to be true to yourself, and I commend you for changing her name now. Think of all the money you saved from not having to go to therapy because you secretly wanted to change her name, but didn't. Love to Rick and the kids!

  • kim h says:

    Your story regarding changing Summers name is exactly like my own! our daughter Bella (just Bella, not short for anything) is 8 months old already, and like you I’ve been waiting to get used to it but it doesn’t seem to be happening. I’ve looked into changing it and it doesn’t seem to difficult as the lawyer takes care of most of it. But I’m still on the fence i would love some advice. What I’m most nervous about is TELLING everyone afterwards as well as our other 2 girls, ages 2 and 4 getting used to it

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