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On Thursday I went to the hospital for a scheduled (and required) c-section. Rick met my OBGYN for the first time and 20 minutes later, the doctor brought our baby into the world. That’s sort of how it goes when you’re having your 5th kid.

I made sure everyone in the operating room was sober because it never hurts to check these things out.Β  I mean, I didn’t require a breathalyzer or anything. They just had to walk a straight line. The birth was okay. A lot of nausea and pain due to air under my diaphragm.

Our beautiful son was born and we introduced him to everyone as, “We aren’t quite sure on a name but standby, we have some finalists and I’m sure we’ll narrow it down shortly.”

That was two days ago.

I have tons of girls’ names that I absolutely love but it seems selfish to raise him as a girl just so I can use one of them.

Apparently “Grey’s Anatomy” is still on the air becauseΒ  (SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!) a few friends texted me the name Bailey after Meredith had a baby boy on the show and named him Bailey.

But other than that pesky name detail, he is absolutely perfect. Love him madly.

kelcey and baby

rick and baby

kelcey chase and baby

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