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This time of year is a TV wasteland. I’ve been DVRing things on ABC Family. And not for my kids. There. I said it. Please don’t tell anyone.

And then I find out that one of my favorite shows EVER is about to begin it’s 10th season!  Project Runway. This is the show that inspired me to buy a sewing machine and become a clothing designer. Okay, well, not the designer part. But I totally bought a sewing machine and it looks very stately in our attic.

But I don’t just get to watch the new season.

I was invited to the 10th anniversary Project Runway party on the High Line in NYC!


Here I am at the big event….

What?! She has four kids. I have four kids. We are practically the same person. I just don’t need all that fancy super model/TV star/business mogul stuff to boost up my ego.

Ok. Here I am…

During this party (where people were very young and very tall), I desperately (with the help of Candace) tried to track down Tim Gunn so we could reconnect. Perhaps you remember when Tim Gunn and I first got acquainted on an American Airlines flight? I had those crazy eyes…

But I never found Tim Gunn at the party. I can only assume he got some kind of heads up that Ole Crazy Eyes was in the vicinity and he bailed.

I couldn’t find the judges either. But I did meet lots of designers from past seasons. And I hope they liked my sweaty palms because it was really hot and muggy.

I saw the adorable Mondo…

And Austin Scarlett…

And Austin’s nipple…

You don’t usually get a lot of nipple action at a posh TV party but there it is.

Anyway, the new season started Thursday night on Lifetime.

(And a special thank you to Lifetime Moms for inviting me to this amazing event. Please tell Tim Gunn that he can’t avoid me forever.)

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