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Kids bring home a lot of stuff from school… like papers, art projects, lice. That sort of thing. But my 4 year old twins came home from preschool the other day with something I’ve never seen before. These…

twins finger molds

Now what are those exactly?

Babies giving the middle finger?

Ruins from Pompei?

Crafts from a local seaside festival?

The perfect ornaments for the top of the Christmas tree?

Apparently (and I’m going on information given to me by two 4 year olds), a dentist came to their school and made molds of their fingers.

Now that I’m in possession of these clay finger things – are they a sweet keepsake of childhood or a creepy thing to hold on to?

I need guidance.


15 Responses to and then my kids brought this home from school

  • Miss Penny says:

    A little guidance …. The twins were absolutely correct. Someone’s dad in class is an orthodontist and did make molds of the children’s fingers – it was a sensory experience! After we looked at the molds we realized …. Oh my

  • Mwa says:

    Those are too funny!
    One of mine once brought home clay poo, only apparently they were “rocks.” Which looked just like brown poo.
    I suppose they could be amusing to hold on to. If you display them, they are sure to start funny conversations…

  • Those are the coolest thing ever! For sure keep them … And pull them out of storage along with the naked baby photos for their first dates to see. 😉

    Oh, and I’ll confirm …. Tweens are the new babies and teens are the new toddlers. I have found they need more love and guidance than ever. Get ready to relearn a whole new set of parenting tools for this amazingly fascinating (sometimes exhausting) chapter in life.

    Hope you all are well! Xoxo

  • Shelley says:

    I am a big supporter of a picture of the child with the art for posterity and bye-bye a few days later. I have kept Christmas ornaments, bunnies for easter etc… but the gingerbread houses made from graham crackers and the colored posters and science projects get a photo and a short shelf life.

    I do think the fingers are a bit creepy (and large?) Why would an orthodontist do a mold of fingers? Too young to prepare them for braces… How about a nice toothbrush?

  • Those would definitely have to get lost, as it were, if they were in my house. I’m cleaning all the craft stuff from my kitchen hutch, in preparation for remodeling, and I am tossing YEARS worth of craft stuff. It feels quite rejuvenating.

  • Marti Pace says:

    My 17 year old is in dental assisting school and just brought home a mold of her middle finger. Laughing she hands it to me and says she made me a Mother’s day present. We actually have a really great relationship so I can take it as a joke. This is one I will keep around for a good laugh while she is away at college.

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