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I was looking at this photo and thinking, oh how I love this little boy…

Cash 4 weeks

And many years from now, I will look at the same adorable photo and think…

“Which kid is that?”

Meanwhile, my birthday is coming up. I asked my dad for two gifts. A donation to Gabby Giffords organization, Americans for Responsible Solutions – a group that is fighting for common sense gun control like background checks.

And I also asked if he would fix the garden hose in my yard. Specifically, I wanted him to fix the water spraying out of the handle and help me untangle it so it rolls out nicely.

So in case you are wondering how old I’m turning – so old that I actually asked for a garden hose repair for my birthday.

School ended this week. I went to an end of the year celebration in Summer’s class. And of course, 5 week old Cash was starving. I decided to nurse him while the kids watched a short slide show. I tried to be very discreet because I could easily imagine some poor kindergarten boy saying, “I got to see Summer’s mom’s boob on the last day of school!”

That’s a kindergarten memory that lasts a lifetime.

On the last day of school my daughter Dylan asked me… “Do you know how to spell kindergarten now?”

She was referring to the fact that on the first day of school, I posted this on Facebook…


So then I had to post to post this…


“Of course, I now how to spell kindergarten,” I told Dylan. “It’s K-I-N-D-E-R-G-A-R…. hmmm. That’s where it gets tricky.”

Look, next year Summer and Dylan will be in first and third grade. I can spell both of those.

9 Responses to And another year goes by

  • Jesabes says:

    Well, I guess it’s good to know now that even when I’m at the age of asking for garden hose repair for my birthday I still won’t know how to spell kindergarten.

  • Princess Judy says:

    Oh yeah, you know you are grown up when you ask for household repairs as a present, or in my case Santa Claus gives you a couple of tires for your car (best Christmas ever, Santa!).

    As far as the photo of the kid, my mom has a photo that the rest of us swear is my little brother but she insists is me. Since the baby is wearing a dress she might be right. Then again….

    Wishing you a birthday free from kinks!!!!

  • Lanie says:

    Hoses drive me crazy too – they are so hard to get rolled up neatly (and we have one of those hose winder things). Happy, happy birthday Kelc!! xoxo

  • I think you deserve more than that for your birthday. How about an uninterrupted shower? 5 minutes in the bathroom by yourself? Or (oh, to think of it) an entire hour without someone saying, “Mommy!”

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