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You all know that Justin Bieber got arrested for drag racing under the influence. (My condolences to the Beliebers out there, especially my mom who heads the Southern Connecticut chapter of the Seniors Bieber Fan Club.)

And this was his mugshot…


Apparently Bieber thought he was in the photobooth at a some South Beach Bar Mitzvah.

Obviously this is a call for help and I am here for him. If he takes my advice, he’ll be more than ready for the next mugshot (and you know there is another one coming).

1. Look less Miley Cyrus-ish. She’s a girl. You aren’t supposed to be.

2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 1 - Press Room

2. I know you’re trying to be a bad boy so you’re stoked about getting arrested for drag racing but you’re coming off too eager.

3. Do not smile in your next mugshot.

4. Try to be brooding and sexy. I know this is hard.

5. Emulate other mugshots. Like actor Chace Crawford.

chase crawford mugshot


Or how about a young Mick Jagger…

mick jagger mugshot

Yup, that’s how you take a super hot mugshot!

Remember Justin, fame is fleeting. But a mugshot is forever.

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